Mission Haryana: Narendra Modi Vows To Transform “Scam Haryana To Skill Haryana”

Mission Haryana: Narendra Modi Vows To Transform “Scam Haryana To Skill Haryana”

Narendra Modi Vows To Transform “Scam Haryana To Skill Haryana”Mahendergarh, Haryana: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday continued his election campaign in Haryana. He asked the people of the state to elect a BJP government with clear majority by promising to transform “scam Haryana to skill Haryana”, saying he wants to strengthen the state’s ties with Delhi to transform its fortunes.

Addressing a huge rally in Mahendergarh on Wednesday, he said, “I know that you are sad that Haryana is known as a state of scams. There are scams and then scams within scams. Our opponents are all involved in scams. Do you want a scam Haryana? I want to create a skill Haryana. You have to decide if you want a scam Haryana or a skill Haryana.”

Talking about ‘Team India’ at the centre and in the states, he urged the people to give the party a full majority in the October 15 Haryana Assembly elections so that development could be accelerated.

Modi, who is well known for his engaging public speeches, said in the rally, “I want to bring centre and states not only closer (paas-paas) but also together (saath-saath).”

He also said, “I want a Team India where the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister work together. Do you want to elect a government that feel like vomiting on hearing about the central (BJP) government?”

Modi said that he was already noticing that people wanted change in Haryana and relieve the state from the open scams, corruption and mafia that have dominated it for the past 25 years.

He took a dig at the opposition and said, “Those who are born in the Prime Minister’s house, Minister’s or Chief Minister’s house are answerable to bigwigs. But I am answerable to you as I am one from among you.”

Modi shared that he learnt politics in the state and hence wanted to be given a change to pay back his debt and serve Haryana.

He acknowledged and noted that the state was known for its brave soldiers and farmers who protected the nation at the borders and filled the stomachs of countrymen and thus he said, could not allow Haryana to be destroyed.

Haryana being a potential state, he wants to utilize the strength of the farming and industry there, to change its future. To make this happen, he sought the help of the people to serve the state in an effective manner with a BJP government both in the state and the Centre.

Kurukshetra has a big potential in tourism sector and thus Modi said he wished to promote this state in a big way.

He also chided the Congress for its silence after his remarks about celebrating the birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first prime minister.

He said, “We must go beyond partisan politics in running the country.”

Modi’s successful US visit is appreciated widely and the response he received there, he said, is “not because of Modi, it is because of the 125 crore people standing behind me”.

Haryana Assembly has 90 seats.

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