Mobile Marketing : Unlocking The Potential

Mobile Marketing : Unlocking The Potential

Mobile marketing

It is a process of meeting the customer needs and deliver the product information through the mobile device and smart phones. It is about promoting the information about products or services via mobile device. Let us understand how mobile gives way to respond to the customer journey. The below listed are some of the types of mobile marketing.

  • SMS
  • Mobile email
  • Mobile website
  • Mobile app
  • PPC and display
  • QR codes

Let us understand each source of mobile marketing in detail.


SMS is a short message service, where company has to rationalize what content to include about the product, so that customer will get to know about the product or service in that short message. The main advantage is that the read rate will be within 15 minutes. Companies can use this as an opportunity to increase the awareness about the product and improve the business profitability. The main challenge about SMS is with B2B, it’s a fine line between personal time and business time and DND (do not disturb).

Companies should focus on timing and context, the main key to attract more mobile users and will be able to convert it into customers. Bulk SMS management platform or in-house SMS server with SMS gateway are the main sources required to make it more accessible to the users. It is best for B2B, when they get the users to opt-in during registration about the remainders of the offers of the product. The main measure is to analyze the users behavior is to track opt-in source and opt-out cause.

Mobile email

Mobile email is process of receiving email notifications about the product or service. The main opportunity of this type of marketing is over 15% to 20% of all emails are viewed on mobile device. Additional effort is required to format and track emails via read through mobile is the main challenge. Email marketing platform is the main resource required. It is advised to deliver content which add value to the customer, which should be quick, concise, and shareable. It is best for B2B. Monitor your current email marketing platform analytics to see what content and messaging is most interesting to your mobile audience.

Mobile website

Mobile website includes information about any product or services in the form of mobile version. Over 79 percent of executives are comfortable providing business contact information to a mobile website. Can only be used when the user has an active internet connection. Additional expertise is required to design a website which will compatible to the mobile users. A mobile website is not your website formatted for a screen. You can track the customer behavior by using engagement metrics. Mobile website is best use for B2B, which act as a landing destination for online and offline marketing.

Mobile apps

Mobile app can provide more tailored experience and utilize all hardware features on the respective device/ operating system. The main challenge is to develop one app per operating system. It is advised to avoid the “let’s build a cool app” mentality – design something useful for your customers. App developers for each platform or in-house expertise if connecting mobile apps to internal systems. It is best for B2B in terms of supporting customers, sales teams, and distributors with tools that need offline access. It can understand customer behavior, whether the mobile apps are sustainable over time or not.

Mobile ads: PPC and display

Less screen real estate means less competition, higher click through rates (and even low cost per-click, with a median CPC 41% lower than desktop). Unlike desktop searches, mobile searches are heavily skewed toward research, resulting in less direct conversions and less direct ROI measurements. PPC / Display Ad campaign management platform (AdWords, AdCentre) are the main resources required to keep it alive. Mobile PPC allows for very detailed geo-targeting and device targeting. It is best use for B2B, will generate long term lead. It can be measured by geo-segmented analytics.

Mobile QR codes

Mobile QR codes comes with very low cost and it can be easily measurable. The main challenge about QR codes is that it assumes audience has a scanning app and can recognize 2D code. It should require comprehensive strategy for disseminating 2D codes and measuring success through analytics. 2D codes are a medium for driving users to your mobile properties. The key is the experience and content the audience sees before and after the scan. Source & scan rate will measure the customer behavior.

Top tips for Mobile marketing

  • Assess your requirement and readiness for mobile marketing
  • Launch a mobile-friendly website
  • Use responsive design in emails and site
  • Keep your mobile site simple, easy to navigate
  • Be smart with text message marketing
  • Measure and optimize
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