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Netflix Shares Soar On Potential Blockbuster Expansion

Netflix Shares Soar On Potential Blockbuster Expansion
Netflix Shares Soar On Potential Blockbuster Expansion

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Netflix is like the coolest thing that anyone could have ever asked for. Streaming all your favourite TV series is just better than it can get. There is no reason for anyone to not love Netflix. It has emerged as the leading video streaming portals in the recent time. With the beginning of this year, they started with streaming the famous TV series Friends. It did add to the major revenues that they were able to make but more than that it has always managed to make people happy and get their best shows for them.

Netflix started out in 1997 and since then it has come a long way. It is currently available in the US and the states of Europe. It has not been able to expand its services to all the countries on the globe but with the major expansion and the huge spike they have seen in their shares and profits, they are now planning to extend their services to China too among other countries and this will be one of the best ways in which they will be actually able to establish their niche in a market that has already made great revenues for other companies of US like Apple.

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The renowned net streaming facility has seen a rise of about 5% since the company announced that they are looking for potential customers in China. The shares have risen considerably, and they are hoping to see some major profits when they launch themselves in the big market.  It is reportedly planning to collaborate with the major companies in China like Wasu Media Holding, which is partly owned by Alibaba Group. Also, they are ensuring that the company they decide on is a licensed one and will do the job perfectly and help them grow.

The company is yet to make any further announcements regarding this development, the CEO of the company did say that they will try to open their markets to China and try to establish themselves there.

With the recent increase in the revenues and the shares going to an all new high of 29% or in monetary terms roughly around $140 million since the last Friday, there is no reason for the company to step back and go down their plan.

Since the last quarter, the number of viewers has also increased both in the US and the overseas market. There are more than 40 million users in the States itself and 20 million users in the overseas market.

Netflix is highly used in the States, they do provide facilities in other countries, but not all are aware of them properly, and the owner of the company knows the importance of overseas market and this is the reason they have decided to make Netflix available in all the countries. Right now, it is only available in 50 countries but they have planned, and the there target is to make it available in 200 countries by the end of the year. Also, they have Netflix recently in Australia, and New Zealand and the response they got from these countries was overwhelming.

Netflix not only offers live streaming, but it also makes DVDs available on demand that was the reason the sales of the DVDs fell from 2006 to 2011. Netflix started as a small venture, and it has now emerged as a great way of entertainment for all the people. Netflix is going to expand its bases in all the countries pretty soon, and it will soon become a household name for not only one country but all the major countries like Japan and China. There are many countries that are waiting for Netflix to be introduced in their countries. How and when they will reach all the people is what Netflix has to decide and come up with.

Netflix has its headquarters in Los Gatos, California. It has been the reason due to which completely inaccessible documentaries and other films have reached the masses. When Netflix started going global in the year 2003, it only had a viewer’s base of 2.4 million people, but since the time, these services were given to other countries, the services have grown considerably and the viewers noted to use Netflix were around 7 million on an annual basis. Netflix has seen competition from a lot of other start-ups, but none has been able to match to the level of Netflix as it remains the number one live streaming service.

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Netflix surely has a long way to go as till now it has only been established in 50 countries, when they finally emerge and come out to the masses in other countries like China and others, they will definitely make a lot of revenues and go on to become the largest companies in the world.

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