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New FDA Rules Will Freak Restaurants Into Swapping Fries For Fruits

New FDA Rules Will Freak Restaurants Into Swapping Fries For Fruits

New FDA Rules Will Freak Restaurants Into Swapping Fries For Fruits

Deep-Fried food is what America is known for! Any sort of comfort food is made in order to make the consumer feel good and satisfied about what he is eating. But the Food and Drug Administration is strict about the fact that the person consuming a burger must know how much calories did he consume in it, and how much more calories does he require in order to meet the average 2,000 calories per day requirement.

FDA recently announced the compulsion of displaying the calorie count along with the dishes right on the menu. This idea has been roaming in the heads of the authorities since 2011, but the strong implementation took place just a few days back with the rules applying immediately to restaurants, grocery stores, deli counters, and other such outlets.

The FDA clarified that this step has been taken by them in order to provide the customers with maximum information about what they are eating, how much calories they are taking, and how much do they need to control in order to attain the status of consuming a balanced diet.

FDA strongly believes in the fact that this step would create an all-round awareness. They feel that the restaurant owners would also restrict themselves from putting food with high-calorie amount on their menus along with the consumers choosing the food with lesser calorie count. But the only flaw in this plan is that people, despite of knowing that they are consuming more than required amount of calories, would still remain carefree and consume as per their comfort. After all, they feel the need of taste higher than their health.

It has been observed that many of the leading food chains have already taken steps in order to reduce the amount of calories in their food items like KFC, which launched a special smaller version of bucket for the kids, which had less than 300 calories. Similar steps have been taken by many other such chains, but they announced such steps at an earlier stage, even before the proposals of their new law in 2011.

If considered psychology, it can be said that this step will help the consumers cut loose on their calorie intake as it would be affecting their choice of meal in their subconscious mind, which would reflect on their choice. It has also been proven that people are largely effected by the cost of the products, like if a small bucket of popcorn cost $1.80 while a medium costs $2.00 and a large costs $3.00, no one will be buying a small one. Everyone will choose to spend 20 extra cents instead of choosing the smaller variant.

FDA has been recording a sudden rise in the consumption of such fried food with high-calorie content, including French Fries and other such deep fried food. This has led to an increase in diseases and problems like obesity, high blood pressure, etc. among the people, which forced them into making such a proposal and passing such a rule. This rule has been made for the people so that they can lose obesity, and could prevent themselves from getting any such disease. After all, Prevention is better than Cure is a well-known fact. Talking about problems like High Blood Pressure, it also needs to be controlled as it is a fatal disease and cure needs to be found as soon as possible. Display of calorie content in each food item maybe the first step towards the awareness campaign that FDA is planning to bring up in the coming time. Till then, consume while keeping in mind, your health!

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