New Year’s Resolution Checklist for Every Entrepreneur

New Year’s Resolution Checklist for Every Entrepreneur

With the New Year just around the corner, entrepreneurs are kicking their game into overdrive. It is never a bad time to re-evaluate and holidays certainly leave enough time for that. So, why not make the most of this, gain a sense of perspective, and reflect on the progress made thus far? Perhaps 2017 will not bring about a whole new ball game, but it pays off to have a head start. A squeaky wheel gets the grease, but we need to pause for a moment in order to notice it.

Perpetual Planning


In this economic climate, taking a nosedive is never a distant possibility, which is why entrepreneurs need to brace themselves. Whether you want to make the cut or break the mold, you have to plan ahead of time.  The cornerstone of this endeavor is setting realistic goals and revising the old ones. Most people do this annually or once a quarter, but you should feel free to go an extra mile and conduct business planning on a weekly basis.

On Top of the Numbers Game


A company’s finances are one of the chief concerns. Regardless of whether you have in-house accountants or not, it is a good idea to get a hold of the bookkeeping basics. Hence, step up the financial management and ensure that there are no loose ends.  Estimate the future cash flows and predict your expenses. Apart from that, develop a deeper understanding of operating costs and assets required to service the fluctuating demand.

Mind Your Expenses


Furthermore, one should safeguard against financial shocks by acting proactively. Always try to learn new things and keep yourself informed. I noticed that many budding entrepreneurs do not know what surety bonds are, for example.  Expenses like that one can often get overlooked and they can be essential to the service of your business. In some industries, surety bonds will protect your customers from fraud and establish trust.

Notice also that debts with high interest rates pose a major roadblock on the path to success. To make it worse, they are one of those problems that can get bigger with the passage of time. Let a good accountant tie up the loose ends and get further involved in your company’s expenses.

Become a Better Leader


The defining traits of a strong leader are willingness to pull the weight and preparedness to constantly learn new things. Note that even the best of the leaders cannot handle everything themselves, which is why they need to also learn how and when to delegate tasks. Just lead by example and not with an iron fist. Rally the troops in times of trouble and make them feel like a meaningful part of the collective, not a cog in the machine.

Time Management



You may have heard a thousand times that time is money, but this notion cannot be stressed enough. Better time management skills take the productivity to the next level and help you get more things done each day. At the same time, strike a fine work-life balance and allow workers to do the same. Let them rewind and do not force them to work their fingers to the bone without breaks. This tediousness in combination with multitasking kills the productivity and leaves people burned out.



Take advantage of booming digital hubs and familiarize yourself with the ways of harnessing the power of social media. They are incredible tools for interacting with customers, in a way which suits their sentiments and habits. It is estimated that 90% of young adults use social media and 92% of small business owners consider them crucial for their businesses. And although ROI is still tough to measure, the immense potential of these platforms is undeniable.

Get Yourself Connected

On another level, business leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs are given a chance to connect with each other nice and easy. So, it is high time to awaken profiles from deep slumber and engage like-minded people. Also, one should not overlook the importance of face-to-face communication and events like trade shows and conferences. Finally, strive to boost your visibility and image in the local community and this will have a profound impact on spreading the brand awareness.

Resolution Solution


In the jolly times of festivities, we would be wise not to beef our bellies, but our organizations. The prime goal is to enhance operations and identify the ways to rake in money.  And if you want to stay ahead of the pack you have to go above the call of duty. Still, remember to take a break and preserve your health and well-being. At last, remember why you embarked on the entrepreneurial adventure in the first place and ignite that original passion in order to reach your goals and dreams.

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