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No-brainer Ways to Improve Employee Productivity

No-brainer Ways to Improve Employee Productivity
No-brainer Ways to Improve Employee Productivity

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They believe that employee and team performance are highly related to company’s performance and success. A+ folks, because you are right! Companies who invest in time, tools, and methods to support the high performance of their teams do much better comparing to those who concentrate on results only.

If you take a look at world’s most succesful companies, they are usually composed of great teams and a tight teamwork. In other words, they have managed to put together a team of employees which works hard for achieving organizational goals.

But how can such team be developed? And more importantly, how to improve individual employees’ performance within the team?

Check out these tips that will help you to get a better understanding of what

1. Encourage communication on all levels

In-corporate communications include many levels such as:

  • employee to employee;
  • employee to manager;
  • manager to employee/s;
  • manager to manager.

Make sure that the following levels have a well developed communications. Otherwise, you’re at high risk of two employees doing the same job at the same time, without the manager knowing about it.

Good communication is important not only for coordination between team players, but also for sharing and implementation of ideas. Some employees might feel uncomfortable delivering their idea at the meeting or straight to the manager. But if they’ve established friendly relations with the co-workers, they can hsare it inside the team.

This way they get feedback and the courage to present the idea to bigger audience.

Summarizing, make sure everybody in your company is ready to share the information with other. Let managers share company news with employees, and employees share their ideas/problems with the co-workers and managers.

2. Find out the reasons employees are under performing

Don’t jump straight into any conclusions. An under performing employee does not mean a bad employee. They can be demotivated, unhappy with their job or just under loaded.

That is why it is very important to detect them in time. One of the ways to determine under performing employees is to use a time keeping software. This way you don’t invade employees’ workflow, the system just collects the data as employee is working. In the end you receive data that allows you to make conclusions and take actions.

3. Provide learning resources and trainings

The growth and prosperity of your business depends largely on the professional skills of the staff.

It’s never too late to start learning and one should never cease this process. Once a person stops learning new things, his/her outlook no longer amplifies, if not reduces. For businesses, it means that one day employees will run out of ideas and managers will not be able to solve the problem of a new type.

Therefore, create development plans that are tailored to each employee individually or common to a certain position. Arrange trips to conferences and seminars, establish a corporate library (paper or online) and constantly refill it with novelties.

4. Create a friendly atmosphere

A happy office is always a productive one. And a happy office is the one where employees feel important and fulfilled.

So, make sure that employees love the work they do. Keep the doors open so employees’ don’t feel restricted from walking into your cabinet. Encourage employees to share problems  when they arise, and most importantly help them solve those problems. Because if you forget or reject the request, it is likely that next time employees won’t deem it necessary to come to you.

5. Appreciate the contributions

A happy office is the one where employees fell important and fulfilled. Wait, I already said that? Yes, and I will never get tired of repeating this phrase.

In order for employees to be productive they have to feel important. An employee who doesn’t understand his/her role in company’s performance is likely to be less motivated and engaged. Ad now, imagine that it’s not just a single employee, but the whole team that you manage. Clearly, they don’t reach their potential, and so does your business.

So, respect and acknowledge the contributions your employees make and you will see how they improve.


Anastasiya Savelyeva is a marketing manager at Yaware.TimeTracker and helps businesses and their employees become more productive by introducing them to her service. That apart she aims at providing people with high-quality content on business and employee productivity, productivity tools and tricks.

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