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Non-Technical Person Learn The Technical Language Before You Hire A Developer

Non-Technical Person Learn The Technical Language Before You Hire A Developer
Non-Technical Person Learn The Technical Language Before You Hire A Developer

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It is very easy to understand that there are number of problems that a non-technical person can face while hiring a developer.

But this issue is not large enough that it requires a non-technical person to learn the technical language. With a basic understanding of technical terms plus some market research, you can easily attract number of people with this in- demand skill set.

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Companies named AppDynamis and Column Five created infographic to provide you better knowledge about this ever-growing industry of web and software development. Some of the key statistics that it discusses are as follows:

  1. The world currently has 18.2 million developers worldwide. Expecting a 45 % growth in the next five years, this number will rise to 26.4 million.
  2. According to Forbes the cities with top tech developers are:
  • San Jose, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Boston, MA
  • Austin, TX
  • Madison, WI
  • Atlanta, GA
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Nashville, TN
  1. The world in the early 2000’s had seen a spike in number of awarded computer science degree which gradually stabilized till the end of the decade.
  2. The company also generated a list of most popular languages across the world with C language being used the most with 17.7% followed by Java with 13.5% and Objective-C with at 10.1%. Ruby language being on the 10th position is preceded by JavaScript with a usage of 1.8%, Python with 2.3%, PHP with 2.9% and Basic at 3.5%. The two languages with nearly stable rate of growth are C# and C++ with a usage of 4.9 and 4.8 per cent.
  3. If we go on and analyse an average salary of a person with above mentioned skill set then surprisingly, Ruby tops the chart with an average salary of the Ruby developer being $109K followed by C developer earning $108k and Python developer with salary of $100K annually. At the bottom of top 10 salary chart is PHP with an annual salary of $87K and C# preceding it with a salary of $89K. Languages such as JAVA, C++ and JavaScript are at 5th, 6th and 7th position respectively with annual salary of $94K, $93K and $91K.
  4. Now if we focus on the purpose and use of the language, we can draw out following data:
  • JAVA:  The language helps the user to design the applications that run on the principle of WORA (Write once run anywhere). Some of the companies that use this language are Net fix, Edmunds, Zippos.
  • NET/C#: It is a Microsoft language that is used to design application that run on Microsoft platform. Sites using this programming language are Exact Target, Comcast and XBOX. Some of the top applications designed are Image Handler, Flippy and SQL helper.
  • PHP: It is a backend technology that is used to create dynamic websites. Sites that use this as to maintain their technology are FaceBook, Tumblr, and Wikipedia. Tools made through this programming language are Slim. PHP, Webgrind, and Securimage.
  • Node.js: It is an application that is made on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime to build fast, scalable network applications. Commonly used in the sites such as PayPal, Walmart, Yahoo. Commonly used tools are Passport, AR-Drone.
  • C: This language known as mother of programming language is used in system programming, implementing operating systems and embedded system applications. Sites using this technology include Bloomberg, Windows Operating System, and Apache. Some of the commonly used tools are Package Control, Git.
  • C++: The language is designed with bias system programming to increase efficiency and flexibility. Some of the common sites programmed in this language are JPMorgan Chase, DirecTV, and Sony. Some of the tools designed in the same language are Doxygen, Grpahiviz, and Mscgen.

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  • Python: It is a programming language that is designed to help you work more quickly and interact with your systems more efficiently. Some of the popular sites that use this technology are Google, YouTube. Some of the tools that are designed in the language are Eclipse, Pycharm IDE.
  • Ruby: It is a programming language that primarily focuses on simplicity and productivity. Some of the popular sites based on this language are, Popularly used tools include Trace route, Rack-mini-profiler.
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