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One Of Apple’s Very First Computers Expected To Fetch $400,000 At Auction

One Of Apple’s Very First Computers Expected To Fetch $400,000 At Auction

One of Apple's Very First Computers

There was a time when apple was just a fruit, something that we cherished as the memory of good old times.

Today it’s the name of a tech giant, one of the most coveted brands across the globe, the billion dollar enterprise which is the second largest electronic company in the world. It started off as the brainchild of Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, it was done in a garage and his sisters’ bedroom; this has grown into a company par excellence. Wayne went on to sell his shares to the other two for a mere 800 dollars way back in 1977. Each of the product that the company launches is looked forward with immense expectation ,each product launch grabs eyeballs of millions cutting across nations. Media frenzy and people queuing up several days before the product reaches a store to have the very first piece, is only a small insight into the mayhem Apple is.

Each of its product has something better than the other, be it speed, width or stylish ultra modern looks and to top it all off, is the kind of ego it boosts it gives its users which makes it a must buy for the wealthy lot. The apple product ranges from the iPhone to the iPod and the Mac Book, each of its variants finds as much popularity as the previous one if not more . They have even gone on to risk it and have launched TV and watches.

The company which was established on April first 1976 started off with designing and selling Apple 1 personal computer kit, the product was priced at almost 666 dollars adjusted to inflation it in today’s time shall cost almost its users 2763 dollars. The apple 2 which was again designed by Steve Wozniak went on to sale in the year 1977 and the company found raging success, the average growth rate was estimated at almost 700% and it also saw revenues doubling up every fourth months. Despite the advent of Apple 2, the first one continued its sale at a reduced price of 475 dollars for quite some time and towards the end of 1977 it was completely pulled off from the market .The company went onto offer discounts for Apple 1 owners to buy Apple 2 and went on to destroy all Apple 1 computers it could get its hands on and that is probably why the product is such a rarity.

For some Apple is a religion, it moves beyond just being another electronic gadget in their home, to being a part and parcel of their life and the individual they are, for some it’s a reflection of their personality, for owning each piece is an emotion, to buy every new model launched in town, to show it off, to make it a part of one’s lifestyle is something an existing user would vouch for. Superior quality, quick processor is what tops off this amazingly stylish product.

And hence for the enthusiastic bunch of people and organizations that are berserk over their product the very first Apple computer-Apple 1 went on sale on the 22nd of October, a piece of history was auctioned by the Bonham and was expected to fetch anywhere between  300,000 dollars and 500,000 dollars, from the diehard fans of the company. But the auction surpassed all expectations and went on to make a whopping 905,000 dollars and was sold to the Henry Ford museum in Michigan.

Of what is surprising is that the motherboard of the product is still in working condition, which undoubtedly is a clear cut indicator of the quality that the brand provides for. The product that saw 200 units being made still has 25 units working. The fact that reinstates that the value each of the products the company has to offer is much greater than the price an average user pays.

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