How To Optimize the Space in Your Office, Shop or Warehouse

How To Optimize the Space in Your Office, Shop or Warehouse
Optimise the Space in Your Office, Shop or Warehouse

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When it comes to running a business, for many ‘space is money’ could just as easily be said as ‘time is money’. The space that you have to use in your warehouse, shop or office is valuable, because it determines what resources you will have on hand for a moment’s notice, and which ones you need to be careful and mindful of ordering in on time. The greater quantity and variety of stock you can have in your shop or warehouse especially, is also a determinant of how much you can sell – if you don’t have the product available or you can’t find it, you can’t sell it. So an important question for all businesses to ask is “How do I optimize the space I have to achieve the best results?” The answer to this question is complex and multi-factorial, differing for each company and industry. But there are a few vital areas to start with that can be updated and streamlined in order to provide greater efficiency, output and optimization for a business.

Manage Waste Effectively

While it might seem an obvious point, there are many businesses that fail to manage waste effectively for a variety of reasons. In many cases there is just poor planning, but in some cases the need for waste management exceeds the processes and procedures that are currently in place. This might be due to a sudden increase in business – a good thing – but failing to manage waste over a longer period of time can be highly detrimental to a business.

In this case it’s basically essential to get a professional waste management company involved. They are able to advise what level of waste management is needed, whether it’s just an extra dumpster on site or if additional garbage collections should be made each week. Why leave your space cluttered by old archive boxes and empty pallets when a pallet destruction service can take care of that for you? Keeping your space clean and tidy, and providing effective waste management really helps you to keep your workspace optimized, efficient and space.

Establish Good Protocols

Optimizing the workspace depends on maintaining good protocols that define how actions and procedures should take place throughout the work day. Confusion and mismanagement in this regard can promote disorganization, a misuse of space, failure to complete work according to deadlines or standards, and excess waste. Proper protocols help all employees understand core goals and the work that’s needed to be done, so that they can work together towards a common objective.

While these protocols can be regarding what is done within the business, they can also concern what is done in the workspace in order to make it more efficient. This could include cleaning procedures, scheduling the use of meeting rooms or spaces, and guides of how products should be stored within a warehouse or storeroom. This not only assists with effective business management; it also increases safety in the workplace.


The accessibility of your space is one of the most important determining factors in the usefulness and efficiency of the space. Firstly, this is in regards to the accessibility of the space itself. How easy is it to move through the space? Can I get to where I need to go within a reasonable time frame? Is this area safe for me and my employees to move through? This aspect needs to be considered as overcrowded, dirty and cluttered spaces are certainly a workspace hazard.

Secondly, the workspace needs to be accessible in terms of the ability for all necessary items that are involved in the daily operation of the business to be accessed easily. This includes garbage bins, essential stock and items, first aid kits and emergency kits. By making these essential and frequently accessed or emergency items more available, allows for a more productive, optimized workplace.

With these guidelines you can work towards optimizing your workspace, whether it’s a warehouse, office, shop or storeroom, in order to improve efficiency, safety and business output, promoting greater success and a better work environment.

Author Bio: Cara is a writer, blogger and reviewer originally from Sydney Australia, specializing in transforming accurate research into exciting writing.

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