What to organise for your office Christmas party

What to organise for your office Christmas party
What to organise for your office Christmas party

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Are you uncertain about what to organize for your work Christmas party and staff celebration this year?

Well, you are not alone as many businesses ponder this with Christmas fast approaching. You may be thinking how can you better the awesome staff Christmas party from last year or do something a little bit different to acknowledge and reward your team for their efforts in 2015.

At Corporate Challenge Events, we have worked with numerous organisations in planning and delivering their staff Christmas parties. We understand the issues, the concerns and the challenges in determining what to do.

From our experience, here are some useful tips to assist you in organising a great office Christmas party as well as some different ideas to contemplate.

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Firstly, before you even get into the nitty gritty of planning the detail for your activity or event, consider these two questions:

What is my budget?

Understanding this will enable you to more quickly identify venues, recreational activities, catering options, transportation, accommodation and entertainment that you can afford.

Who shall I invite to attend?

Obviously your staff is priority number one. Do you wish to invite any others such as family of staff, your suppliers, your sponsors, and any committees or boards associated with your business? The answer to this question may be dependent on your budget.

After determining your answers to these two questions, you can use your expected numbers for the rest of your planning.

Now for the fun stuff! Do you want your Christmas party to feature Santa and Mrs Claus, a band, a Christmas tree in the middle of a dance floor or a makeshift North Pole for the kids in attendance? It’s time to bring your office Christmas party to life.

From our experience in delivering Christmas activities for organisations in Australia and New Zealand, here are five increasingly popular concepts which you may wish to consider:

  1. Christmas Cocktail Function

A casual Christmas cocktail party at a venue that is unique, new or even convenient for your staff can be very effective and importantly enjoyable for all. These types of activities are great because you can tailor and theme them quite easily through your catering, dress code, entertainment, Christmas gift giving and other recreational activities that you wish to include.

  1. Overnight or Weekend Retreat

A great way to reward your staff and their partners for their contribution is a fun weekend or day/night away at a relaxing destination. Country estates, wineries, golf resorts or beach properties may be top of your list for these retreats. They are great because there are so many optional activities that you can also offer such as wine tasting, health spas, golf, team building excursions, yoga, sipping cocktails by the pool and a restaurant Christmas dinner.

  1. Fun Family Day

Family days are becoming more popular as organisations understand and appreciate the importance of families to the contribution made by staff through the year. If your business has a lot of staff with young families, this may be a good option. Important things to think about are catering with food and beverages for all ages and providing entertainment for both kids and adults. You may want an inflatable castle, ice cream van, shaded picnic tables, outdoor stage with a DJ, and a roving Santa with plenty of elves!

  1. Destination Experience

Why not use Christmas as an opportunity for you and your staff to experience or explore the wonderful city or town that you work in. Consider some different and unique ways to experience it – maybe a dinner on the beach, a barn dance at a local country estate, jet skiing along the local waters or doing a winery bus tour. These activities usually require a larger budget and may be better suited to smaller organisations.

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  1. Team Building Day

Team building activities followed by some casual Christmas nibbles and drinks are also growing in popularity. These can be tailored to provide some great bonding outcomes for all businesses, but importantly are fun for everyone to undertake. They can even feature a charity outcome so you as a group can support those who may be disadvantaged this Christmas. Here are some fun Christmas team building events we have created and can be tailored for your specific requirements.

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