Blackberry Or iPhone? Phone Wars: Can The iPhone Users Let It Go And Seek Their Ex Blackberry?

Blackberry Or iPhone? Phone Wars: Can The iPhone Users Let It Go And Seek Their Ex Blackberry?


Blackberry Or iPhone?  Phone Wars: Can The iPhone Users Let It Go And Seek Their Ex Blackberry?

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Apple iPhones and BlackBerry phones have always been in competition. These companies both produce phone models that are poles apart from each other. Recent times have seen an incredible increase in the use of iPhones as compared to the BlackBerry phones. In fact, there has been quite a drastic shift of consumers from BlackBerry to iPhone.

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So, the question arises – Can iPhone users be swayed to go back to BlackBerry? Where BB has always been the first choice for business phones, iPhone has become a style statement. For today’s generation, you aren’t cool enough if there isn’t an iPhone in your back pocket. Loyal BB users argue that it is a more practical choice of a phone. BlackBerry invented mobile e-mail, and it is still better at it than any other phone on the planet. Besides, it’s easier to type using the trademark QWERTY keypad and thus much more useful for sending work emails or editing a file. These people, who have stayed away from the clutches of phones with virtual keypads, find it difficult to use them as work phones. Don’t you remember the time when you could easily text someone without even having to look at the phone? To contradict this, iPhone users claim that they have gotten used to the phone so much so that the touch screen is a requirement and not a hindrance for them.

The keyboard isn’t the only topic of discussion though. There is also the battery. It is safe to say that no user, whether loyal to iPhone or BlackBerry, will deny that the iPhone battery power is awful. Where BB can be used for hours and hours even going as far as to say that for a whole day or two without needing a charge, iPhone drains battery at an incredible rate. It has been such a huge problem with the iPhone models that the company had to go far enough to even provide free battery replacement to a selected iPhone users who faced battery-draining problems.

What about appearance? No one can argue that iPhone models are sleek and fine looking. Apple’s focus is on design and ease of use. But at What Cost? To maintain its lightweight body requirements, iPhone uses an aluminum body. I have seen many friends using iPhones with either cracked screens or cracked bodies. As a loyal BB user, I can say that I have had no such problems. My BB has passed several drop tests and still manages to work quite efficiently. And lets set it straight – a Blackberry phone may not look as cool as an iPhone, but it isn’t visually displeasing either. It is a sturdy professional looking phone, not afraid of rough use.

However, we do have to agree that when talking about camera quality, BlackBerry can’t compete with iPhones. We are photo obsessed people. From sharing work related photos to clicking selfies in the bathroom, we live on photos nowadays. iPhone not only provides a great camera to feed this obsession, but also amazing editing features to use the pictures.

My favourite feature of a BlackBerry, however, isn’t its keyboard or body. I love my BB for its LED alerts. There is even an app I can use which lets me assign different colours to different service like calls, messaging and e-mail or even to different contacts. iPhone can’t compete with this. The closest it has come to is that the white strobe on the back of the iPhone can flash when you get calls. But that is no match for the red blinking light of a Blackberry.

Up till now, neither BB nor iPhone has been able to outmatch the other one. Then what does iPhone possess over BlackBerry that makes users so hard to leave it?

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Here come the apps. iPhone provides innumerous number of great Android apps that BlackBerry fails to compete with. Here, iPhone manages to fight with the very basic identity BB is known for – Business phone. Blackberry is a phone for anyone who relies on their device to assist in their jobs. And although, it is still better at that than any iPhone, Apple is coming close by providing the apps every professional would want to use.

Again, as a loyal BB user, my choice of preference is still a BlackBerry simply because I feel no phone can rival its productivity. But talking to several iPhone users, I can confidently say that they have had a taste of the forbidden fruit and wish to stick with it. Until Blackberry launches something that can challenge the apps and appearance of iPhones along with keeping its already existing qualities intact, it isn’t possible to sway the iPhone users back to using BlackBerry.

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