PM Narendra Modi’s Epic Show At Madison Garden New York, Charmed The Rapturous Crowd

PM Narendra Modi’s Epic Show At Madison Garden New York, Charmed The Rapturous Crowd

PM Narendra Modi’s epic show at Madison Garden New YorkAfter a long time every Indian had a reason to be proud of being an Indian; such was the magic of Modi at New York City’s Madison Garden. A huge crowd that was attending Modi’s speech was enthralled with an epic show of political, social and economic clout, Sunday afternoon. In a chest-swelling and heart stirring show, Modi and overseas Indians indulged in a mutual love fest that sharply impressed the country’s growing power and profile in the minds of Americans, which was represented at the unparalleled and unprecedented Indian political rally by more than two two dozens US lawmakers and governors.

The big gladiatorial arena was filled with chants of “Bharat Mata ki Jai” and “Modi, Modi, Modi”. As the PM Narendra Modi walked in slowly, who is on Navratri fast for past 100 hours now, a huge audience of 18000 plus was erupted in joy and pride.

Modi is well known for his magic when he speaks. The overseas Indians too were spell bound with his interaction. Modi hit all the right buttons in a speech that received a rock-star ovation. He talked about how a country that was once regarded as a land of snake-charmers are now spinning the world around its fingers on (computer) mouse. He also talked about the success of ISRO’s mars mission wherein India had sent a spacecraft to Mars for seven rupees a kilometre whereas it costs 10 rupees a kilometre in Ahmedabad.

He appealed at the heart of his speech, to wealthy and skilled NRI/PIO constituency to give back their talent and experience to a country that nurtured them.

Modi told them about the pride, problems and promise of India. He said, India had three strengths that no country in the world has – Democracy, demographic dividend and demand. Our country was not just a back office to the world but has the capacity to be the world force considering every Indian had migrated to every corner of the world. He thus suggested that US was a natural partner as a country was home to people from every corner of the world.

Nearly an hour long address, which was delivered in Hindi, received fervent applause and cheers. His strong voice was echoing million words as the podium rotated 360 degrees. His speech relayed and translated by more than a dozen networks across the world.

In the middle of his speech, someone shouted “God bless you!” He said to his live cheerful audience that no Indian leader has ever attracted outside India, “When I have blessings of 1.25 billion people, it feels like God has indeed blessed me.”

A rock star treat from India-Americans to Modi

Modi was so overwhelmed with the love and warmth from the people there, he said that he felt indebted for the boundless love and affection Indians in India and abroad had showered on him. He promised as confetti of tri color and red, white and blue balloons rained down the arena, “I will clear this debt, I will make India of its dreams.”

This was an unmatched unprecedented address from an Indian leader to his people! He has raised consciousness and awareness about our true potential and given us strong reasons to be proud Indians.

PM Modi made some announcements during his speech (though no time frame was announced for implementation of these reforms):

  1. Lifetime visas for persons of Indian origin (PIO) cardholders
  2. PIO and OCI cards to be merged to arrive at a common card
  3. Those who come to India for long stay will not have to report periodically at police stations as is the present requirement
  4. US national to get long term visas and visa on arrival following electronic travel authorization
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