How to prepare for your next team building day

How to prepare for your next team building day
How to prepare for your next team building day

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If you have recently planned the date for your next team building activity or day, the next step is to maximize the results and the value that your entire team can take away from it.

Any team building exercise will require some financial and time investment, but the benefits will far outweigh these costs if you set up the day effectively.

There are a few simple and effective strategies you can undertake to do this. Such strategies ensure that your team is prepared, appreciates the importance of the team building event, and, most of all, and is ready to fully participate to gain maximum benefit.

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As a team building specialist across Australia and New Zealand for the past 21 years, Corporate Challenge Events understands that every team is different and suggests these five strategies to set up your team and team building facilitator effectively:

  1. Outline your aims and objectives with the team building facilitator

What do you want your team to experience, learn, develop or improve in? In the planning stage for your team building event, it is important that you define with your facilitator what you want your team to get out of it. It may be to learn more about each other, support a charity, identify future leaders, improve interpersonal communication or just share a fun experience together. Outlining your objectives will help the facilitator structure a tailored program to suit.

  1. Provide a briefing to your team

In advance of the day, provide a snapshot to your team of participants about what you will be doing. You may tell them everything or you may just whet their appetite for the experience that lies ahead. The minimum is to advise where and when they need to meet and what they need to bring. This is also a good opportunity to share with your team what you aim for them to gain from the team building experience. You may decide to take yourself out of the situation and ask the external facilitator to come in to provide this briefing before the day.

  1. Highlight the fun factor

The most effective team building exercises to obtain full participation are those that are fun. There is no reason why team building workshops that address business planning and strategy cannot be fun. If you highlight the fun factor in advance, the environment established at the start of the event will be much more relaxed, bright and should generate as close to full participation as possible. Your professional team building facilitator will be able to highlight how fun will be incorporated into the event.

  1. Give the event a name

If you name your team building event or day, this will help reiterate your expectations for it to your team. This can also highlight the fun factor! It may be something as simple as, ‘ABCD Plumbing – the creation of our future’ or ‘Our team work helps our community’. A name for the event can also add mystery for what lies ahead or reinforce your company values.

  1. Your own participation is important

Some of the best team building activities are those where everyone is equal regardless of position and title. If you are the boss or the one planning the day and highlighting its importance to your team, you should participate. Your team may learn a thing or two about you and vice versa. It also highlights that you are a team player and value them as part of your team. I’m sure you will have a bit of fun too!

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If you have undertaken these five strategies, you are ready to go! Your team is set, your facilitator can finalise the event, and you can go into the day confident your team will achieve some great results.


This article has been contributed by Evie Coles of Corporate Challenge Events, the leader in delivery of team building program and corporate event in Australia and New Zealand. Visit in Australia and in New Zealand.

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