Productive Brainstorming

Productive Brainstorming
Productive Brainstorming

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Are you the one bored of attending monotonous meetings, seminars, workshops of your office? Being an employer do you really have an idea whether your team is effectively working out the agendas and goals set by you with hell lot of creativity? As an employee, I am sure it must be pretty boring of doing the same work again and again with instant new creative ideas. It’s definitely not handy to build up new ideas everyday (after all we all are not Albert Einstein). Right now right here think about conducting a brainstorming session to boost up the courage and ability of your team. Off course you must have experienced many sessions before but was it really productive or what we nowadays called out of the box thing? Brainstorming sessions are really good if conducted systematically and structurally correct. They can prove to be really fruitful if the process has gone through with crystal clarity and thorough rules and guidelines. Here we present to you 7 best tricks to make brainstorming sessions mysteriously effective:

Spill out the rotten ideas with ease

Create an atmosphere which is full of comfort and fun. It must be devoid of any constraint like tension pressure, judgments. Everyone should feel free to spill the beans without the fear of good or bad. Do not judge the ideas or pass any comments just let everyone go with the flow to whatever comes in their mind. It is often observed that people feel anxious with the presence of high position people. Build a frank environment rather than being formal. Brain starts churning things once it is free from other tensions.

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Rebuild the ideas

You can try of rebuilding the ideas. One can also attempt of breaking many ideas to their roots. Sometimes it happens that a good idea turns up from the base itself. Rebuilding idea can be helpful in a way like exchanging papers within your teammates and just writing the add-ons in their ideas. For this you just need to pen down the ideas and pass on the papers to others for additions. Breaking a word, a theme, an idea can really turn out to be amazing.

Word power games

Playing games in a thoughtful process is really like a cherry on top of the cake. Brain needs break. Giving breaks that can be productive is the hidden idea of the session. Just what you need is to think of any word random word, jot it down and then come with any random words related to the former. This creates a chain of words which can be linked to the goal being searched upon. Another game can be the mind mapping which includes visualization of parts and the sub parts of any theme, word. For this a Mind Node app is also available.

Setting up a mood board

Mood Board is nothing but just a visualization of videos, images, stories, words of the particular theme or idea. Brain is said o be more effective and thoughtful when it comes to visual things. Creating mood boards can help in sparking new ideas to the goal. It’s proven that attaching visual and imagery arrangements can work out well for highly creative ideas. It can also be helpful to recall than other conventional methods. Mood board can be visual or virtual, also an app called Mood Board app is available.

Apply Improvisation

Be improvised and modern. Play modern games than those old ones. Extremely unique are often said to be pumped out in a more relaxed environment and playful too. A little improvisation can multiply the effects of it on brain. Many studies and experiences quote that this improvisation has been effective deeper and deeper. A little laughs and smiles in the work are good for reducing pressure on brain. It makes people dive more deeply into the exploration.


You know what, doodling is helpful in spinning the yarns of your brain to make it think out of the box things. Doodling is believed to spur the creative ideas and make your attention power more strong. It’s helpful in breaking your traditional mindset and pushing you to think beyond the script. Thinking beyond the sun line is what is needed. What you can do is just take anything and visually break it into minute pieces.

Like if you start with a cat then think of its paws, tail, eyes and the environment it’s found in. All this will open the doors to a new outlook.

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Modify your physical environments

Constantly change the places of conducting brainstorming sessions of your team as it helps in stimulating the mind. Try not to hold brainstorming sessions in regular meeting rooms. It helps to come with new ideas. Neurobiologists too believe in it.

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