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Promote Your Business with These Excellent and Effective Giveaways

Promote Your Business with These Excellent and Effective Giveaways

To be that successful entrepreneur these days, various guerilla marketing tactics must be used. The “taking the bull by the horns” logo is true to be and stay on top of the game, and offering promotional merchandise sometimes is the way to go. With promotional items, brand awareness is built among consumers, and then through word of mouth, you brand awareness is grown even more so. This is the perfect way to build up your business quickly while staying in your budget. It’s also a great tool to use to keep up the morale of your hardworking employees as part of an internal incentive program. Many times, when you take care of your valuable workers, they will take care of you. And that means even more growth for your business.

Just about any type of merchandise is great as giveaways depending on your customers’ taste. However, there are some promotional giveaways that have been time tested and proven to be the crème of the crop. As a matter of fact, stats have shown that items from Staples to AIA Corporation have been among the top ten companies for promotional products. And furthermore, even though promotional items are mostly inexpensive and small, they can be high-end items too. This could be a great thing to do on occasion even for small to medium size businesses when giving to a loyal customer who has been loyal to your business for a long time, for instance. In this case, some customers will be encouraged to be loyal to your business for a long time too in hopes for more promotions, especially if it’s a high end item.

To ensure your business continues to grow and stay on top, the following giveaways have proven to be the top business giveaways:

Care Packages are Sometimes Underrated

Care packages could be used more than for non-profits, military personnel, or college students. Many customers will appreciate the fact that a care package was given to them from your business. This would make a great statement that you care about your customers, and you value their business. Care packages could be thoughtful things, including a pen, aspirin, bandages, a quick snack, etc.

Innovations Other Than Business Cards

Ditch the business card that is a waste of money sometimes because many customers will most likely lose it among the shuffle of other paper or trash. More innovative ways will be to include your business information on items they can use, such as pens, tote bags, bookmarkers, calendars, and more. These items will last several months to several years, and your business information will always be in their faces while they are using an item that is very useful for them. Also, other eyes will see these products too when they come over to visit these customers and see the calendar on their walls, as the customers carry the tote bags with them wherever they go, and when someone uses their pens with your business info on it.

T-Shirts Always Get Worn

Just about everyone loves T-shirts of various colors and sizes, and they will wear them around the house, while running errands, and even while socializing. And most of the time, people can’t ever get enough T-shirts for them and their loved ones from stores such as Livnfresh. Having said this, giving away T-shirts with your business info is a perfect way to get publicity for your business.

Going Small Pays Off Big

Swag is expensive and bulky to carry. However, a small item can really work wonders. A good example includes tons of individually wrapped tea bags having your business info and possibly a coupon on each wrapper. This is a splendid idea that many customers would just love because of them getting a free box of delicious tasting tea and possibly coupons. Even if putting coupons on each wrapper is too much, customers would still be overjoyed if you have one or two coupons on the box lid or inserted in the box.

Giveaways that focuses on Community

Having attendees to network around your brand/company would inspire them to meet others. It’s also a way for them to stay in touch, and they will follow up. And thus, you will be remembered.

Another great promotional idea that focuses on the community is eco-friendly, promotional items. Many customers would appreciate the fact that your business is concern about the environment. Also, they would feel good in that they are doing something wonderful for the environment. Due to all of this, your brand will be remembered. Examples of eco-friendly promotional products are recycled totes, aluminum bottles, recycled pens, and organic, cotton t-shirts.

Holiday and Business Gifts

Holiday gifts are always great for the holidays, and business gifts could really be a big promotion in influencing potential business customers to do business with you. Gaining contracts with businesses are really profitable for your business. You will make a great impression when taking time to show how you think about them, and how you treasure their business if they are already your customers. Holiday gifts for other customers would also have a good impression of your brand. These gifts show them how much you are thinking about them and treasure their business.

Feeding Them will give you Favor

Giving people a snack that they haven’t seen before, but seems interesting and tasty like coffee cereal or sweet and sour chips have proven to work out successfully for various companies for decades. This is a free, unique gift that they haven’t ever seen before ,and that is tasty to many people.

Otherwise, most people would still love it when they can get free, delicious snack items. Also, promotional food and candy are not only really delicious, but they are inexpensive as well. You can get chocolate, cookies, gum, mints, nuts, pretzels, popcorn, mixed assortments, cheese, meats, individually wrapped candy/snacks, bags, candy jars, water, beverages, BBQ gifts, and wine gifts.

Intangible Gifts are Sometimes Better

Sometimes getting intangible gifts, such as a digital download of an eBook or a music single, are better for customers. That way, they wouldn’t have to worry about any item, like a coupon or a keychain, that could get lost. Customers also don’t have to worry about leaving behind a bulky gift somewhere. Other examples of intangible gifts include digital coupons and digital gift cards.

Stepping in to Sponsor

Investing money to sponsor the promotions of tradeshows is great for publicity. Attendees will come to your booth, and you can get their data while speaking to them directly. The six main reasons why companies love sponsorship includes image enhancement, positive publicity while also increasing visibility, driving sales, distinction from competitors, and to enhance consumer, VIP, and business relations.

Offering Something Useful

Sometimes investing in a type of item that attendees find useful is key for more brand awareness. For instance, if there is a conference for pet owners, dog bowls or branded leashes are good items to give away. If it’s a conference for women, small to mid-size bottles of lotion or makeup bags, for instance, are great things to giveaway. When you do this, your brand will be remembered especially for taking the time to think about them and to give away such small but valuable items.

Can’t go Wrong with Drinkware

Drinkware is a great idea for anyone. It can be promotional mugs or promotional water bottles depending if mostly all of your customers love coffee, hot tea, or water. Of course, it wouldn’t make sense to send a coffee mug if the customer doesn’t like coffee or hot tea. Both products serve similar purposes. And either way, your company’s logo would be visible over and over to them, their loved ones, and others since these promotional items are used regularly.

Staying Away From the Normal Swag

Sometimes the usual giveaways are overdone, and thus, won’t make any difference when it comes to some people in buying or buying more from your business. Pens, t-shirts, brochures, wristbands, tote bags, notebooks, mousepads, packs of gum, or candy sometimes don’t make much difference. And thus, something unusual, like a iPad or iPhone cover, would impress many of these types of customers.


Offering promotional merchandise is the way to go sometimes in guerrilla marketing tactics. Especially when it comes to small and medium sized companies, it’s very important to be relentless to get your brand out there and gain as many customers as possible. This is great to do without going over your budget. Having said that, promotional products are normally inexpensive, but they can be high-end items too.

Just about anything can be branded with the business logo/ name and used as a promotion. However, the best business giveaway ideas are mentioned above. Some of the items mentioned above includes many common items that many customers appreciate, and some of these ideas are outside the box which include care packages, some intangible items, sponsoring in a unique way, a different kind of swag, and a different flavor of snack.

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Cari Samalik is a Michigan based entrepreneur and Mom and the CEO & co-founder of Livnfresh – a state related T-shirt brand. Previously, she worked in the healthcare, and food and beverage industries before marrying into a screen printing business.

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