Putting humanity back in Human Resources

Putting humanity back in Human Resources
Putting human back in Human resources

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Our human resources are so poor and weak that they need a continuous reassessment every few years, some are completely and drastically amended, some are invented seeing its need and some are completely abolished.  A very special section in the Harvard Business Review highlighted the need of building new human resources. It marked its cover headline as “It’s time to blow up human resources and build something new”. But the problem is we still have not learnt its benefits and soul importance. The challenges and solutions which existed long years back are still haunting. Challenges and solutions are always to be looked up to, so that there is a continuous development.

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Human resource is saddled and linked with a lot of compliance responsibilities which are looked down with great disinterest and dislike. It alone cannot solve and fix problem on its part, such as improving an organization’s cultural and softening a CEO with low emotional intelligence. Human resource executive are given task of maintaining a attractive front for the company but the power rests in the hands of the people who are focused on cutting costs and minimizing head count in order to boost short term results. So both are contracting in their approach towards company’s development and most of the times its human resource which suffer. Human resource does not stand a chance, but even if it’s given a fair chance, it won’t work as some other function will inevitably get struck.

Many workers are disengaged, managers loathe cherry emails about the performance management and human resource is so often seemed to be floundered, making the organizations dehumanized over the years. The discomfort and organizational dysfunction can seen by the example like when some person calls another but does not get a reply, the reason whether he was out at a meeting or simply out is not known. There is no assessment about the long term damage done to people and organization.

The employees and supervisors in large as well as small organizations face problems. The solutions are deceptively simple, far more radical than organizational detonation and far more sensible. Human resource should be made chief advocate of humanity in organizations, putting the human back in human resources. Compliance and other reutilized tasks would be moved to a department specializing in such things.

Human resource would become fierce component of the value of the human spirit. Motivation and engagement would rise. Individuals would feel confident about them and would go home each day enriched with contributions they make. This principle would definitely be attractive and top talent would always be retained. Human resource helps the organization understand and demonstrate how treating individuals as human beings.

Human resource would develop tireless champions with trust and transparency. It should be trusted by the top team and rank and file. It requires metrics and rewards tied to levels of trust  in human resource and in large organizations.  It would have explicit duty to hold the firm to its stated standards and values, speaking truth to power whenever necessary and demonstrating and fostering social safety at every level. Human resource fearlessly eradicates stupid rules and low value processes. Human resource professional can lead the drive to rid the business of the practices that deflate the enthusiasm, waste time and breed organizational sclerosis. Condition can be created in which people feel safe, motivated and empowered to consistently add value and improve how the work is accomplished.

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Human resource professionals with expertise in psychology, anthropology and other fields that explore human behavior can be powerful change catalysts

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