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How to Quickly Generate Leads for Your Business

How to Quickly Generate Leads for Your Business
How to Quickly Generate Leads for Your Business

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Of course, an important part of running a business is having customers. But if your potential clients aren’t aware of your services and your company name is not ‘out there’ it’s difficult to get leads and therefore new business. Generating more leads is the way to increase your business operations and profits, and a priority for most companies in generating leads without spending too much money doing so. Take a look at our tips below for low-cost yet effective lead generation techniques that have worked for many companies.

Have a Social Media Presence

This is a technological age, every person has the world at their fingertips through internet access on their phones, tablets or laptops, and increasingly people are living their social lives online too. This means that every business should have a social media presence on at least Facebook and Twitter that potential clients can access and stay in touch with the business and keep up to date.

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If your business is a primarily visual or creative endeavour, consider setting up an account on Instagram or a page on Pinterest as well, to get more exposure. Social media presence allows you to market to your clients where they are already, and establishes trust in your brand by regular exposure. Not to mention, these sites are a network. One client sees and likes your business, shares or retweets your page, and then all their followers have seen it. Fast and relatively free, social media is a great way to get leads.

Get People Interested

Potential customers are more likely to trust and invest in a service they know something about, so providing them with free information is beneficial as it keeps them up to date with your business so they can understand for themselves. Many companies and entrepreneurs have success releasing a free informational eBook, not to shamelessly promote the business but to provide genuine and useful information that shows how your company’s services (among other things as well) can be beneficial for their needs, giving your business credibility and generating leads.

Another way to keep potential clients in touch and increase exposure for your company is to distribute a newsletter or blog that contains update about your business as well as interesting information that’s relevant to your clients’ needs. The most important aspect of these techniques is not to make the newsletter, blog or eBook just about you, but to provide real value that your readers will appreciate.

Eye Catching Visuals

Infographics and videos are popular ways of marketing a business and getting people interested, without taking a lot of time for them to read or access. Infographics have been very popular in the past, to the point of being overdone, but there is still a place for interesting, eye-catching and original infographics. All it takes is a good idea, a talented artist and your website link at the bottom and you have a fun and interesting way to promote your business. Same idea with a video, just come up with something new and original to engage people. A touch of humour doesn’t hurt either!

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting is one of the most difficult aspects of business for any company but the fact is that you are not going to be able to provide your services without having direct contact with your clients at some point. Appointment setting can happen after leads are generated or as a tool to generate more leads. It can involve making cold calls to contacts who you have identified through research as potential clients who would benefit from your services, or they may have already expressed interest by signing up to your newsletter or blog. The goal here isn’t to make a sale from the first contact, just to generate interest and make an appointment with a sales person to discuss further.

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Your sales team should be focused on sales and not doing appointment setting, and if the idea of doing this within your company seems difficult there are a range of appointment setting services available that can conduct appointment setting and lead generation for you.

With these tips you can generate more interest, intrigue and trust in your business, which in turn generates leads and progresses to successful business growth.

Author Bio: Evie Coles is a freelance business writes and shares useful business advice and tips with her reads. She believes that sometime hiring a lead generation company such as can help business successful.

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