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The right way to quit your job

The right way to quit your job
the right way to quit your job

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Everybody has a breaking point. If you regularly find yourself are unhappy, dissatisfied, anxious, there must be some deep discord in your life. In a number of cases, these unwelcomed feelings may stem from a bad job- your work and workplace not only makes you anxious and dissatisfied but it feels like a miserable toll on your whole being. Maybe, you want to move ahead in life, pursue certain dreams, and fulfil some ambitions. You are only waiting for that right time in life for things to start looking up for you.

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But, what if the right time is right now? Have you been mulling over your options about quitting your job? Don’t let your work make you miserable any more; life goes beyond the security of moneyed living- they who take bigger chances bag the fatter geese.

If you think that you are ready for The Big Change in your life, let us help you with a few pointers to consider before you take the plunge:

  1. Understand And Plan Your Finances

To begin with, it is important for you to understand that your source of steady income is going to stop and thus you will have keep in account how to pay your bills and keep your life moving ahead between jobs or between your job and future self employed success if you are staring up anything. Can you cover you basic minimum costs without the job? What alternatives do you have to earn for your bills, like freelancing, when you are going to be unemployed or just at the nascent stage of your startup? It is thus important to save as much as you can when you are employed to create a cushion for such scenarios.

  1. Evaluate Your Worst Case Scenario.

Life never is peaches and roses, and it definitely won’t be when your source of income stops. Before quitting your job you need to know the worst case scenario you could be heading towards. Would you have to move in with anyone to save on rent? Cancel memberships? What if you don’t land on success as quickly as you would realistically like to? Would you have to borrow from anywhere or anyone? You definitely aren’t going to dwindle into poverty if you plan right and make careful choices. Prepare yourself for the worst to rise up to the best.

  1. What Changes Do You Need to Make To Your Lifestyle

When your cash flow changes, you definitely have to change the way you live. You cannot eat out so often, indulge in shopping sprees, go on long holidays, or simply waste money mindlessly. Till you rightfully feel back on track with a renewed and desirable steady cash flow, you need to ensure that your basic bills always get paid on time, you don’t accumulate debt you cannot pay off and splurge on anything at all. They are plenty of ways to still enjoy and stay happy, only this time frugally. Your pockets will thank you and support you to stay comfortably afloat for a longer period.

  1. Redefine your retirement

You might unable to contribute so much to your retirement account and it’s okay. Since you are rethinking about your career, stretch it to evaluate what to your want your bigger picture to look like. Don’t postpone all of your plans and simply worry about setting up a safety net all the time. Your objective should be to always make the most of your time, so even though having a substantial retirement account is important you might as well make some crazy plans now when you can enjoy it better and maybe even afford the risks.

  1. Save, Save, Save.

It is very important to save. So that you can spend later. To create that safety net you need for emergencies. For that time when you decide to quit your job and can comfortably do so. You can soften the consequences of your risks, thriving frugally yet merrily for some time, without having to make huge sacrifices. You could take a little time off to re strategise rather than having to desperately clamour for income once you kiss your old job goodbye. The comfort of having some money at hand to keep worries at bay is always beneficial, so yes, when you begin earning you should also begin saving. And if you want to save a little more before you quit, bit your lip and work for a few months more to build up your cushion before you turn in your resignation for good.

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When a door closes, many more open. It’s an adage repeated endlessly. You never know what opportunities are awaiting you on the other side of your big leap of chance. If you plan your jump out a bit it simply guarantees a better landing, no matter what. Thus, you can not only take better risks and also be more patient with the outcomes.

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