Redundant In US – Entrepreneur In India

Redundant In US – Entrepreneur In India


Snapdeal Kunal Bahl

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The tech explosion has allured the Indian engineers back to their country undoubtedly , but the same doesn’t hold true for all. The American dream of Kunal Bahl’s was about to come true until his request for an US visa was discarded, leading his exit in 2008.  For Bahl, as an alumnus of Wharton and Kellogg, an individual with high dreams and aspirations in the field of commerce and engineering with a career at Microsoft Corporation and a road-map to set a career that had been his dream in the Silicon Valley, this exit proved lucky as back in India he came to terms with the shock and established Snapdeal with his childhood buddy, Rohit Bansal.

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Today that company has proved itself as, one of the most extremely cherished start-ups in the nation, seeking a valuation of $5 billion. Kunal Bahl, the Chief Executive Officer of the, a dynamic individual who has set up his name in the valleys of India. The 31-year-old dynamic entrepreneur is one among the thousands who have relinquished America for their nation and stayed back to achieve their dream, with choice or without one as set by the U.S. immigration barriers. These individuals have set a goal to discover an expertise diligence in the realm with more emerald ground prospect than the Silicon Valley.

There are many graduates from India who reject the chance to set up their career in abroad; obtained degree from the Harvard and Stanford with no idea to continue their career after graduation in overseas. Neither the government of India nor that of US national has kept a tech sector render null and void immigration records. Sonali Jain, a professor at the University of North Carolina, a researcher has recorded these acquaintances to study the occurrence, states the situation as an extremely optimistic flash for India. This situation encourages the individuals to set back to their hometown as much as the limitations set by the US H-1B visa program.

The high profile companies such as Microsoft, Google Inc., and others have set their request to the Congress for years till now to boost the yearly restriction on the quantity of overseas nationals. But the officials have not set the gate to let them get into the realm and lay down an opportunity to utilize these trained employee visas. India’s crashing start-up civilization perhaps wouldn’t sense any effects if the H-1B floodgate unexpectedly released. The tremendous augmentation latent in the recent days is the east and not the west. The economic output of the nation is mounting at a yearly speed of more than 7% and by some projection; the nation’s inhabitants will accomplish 1.6 billion to outshine China’s by 2050.

The percentage of the individuals linked to the Internet is about nineteen, and the number would rapidly increase as the technology and economy increases. The hardcore talents of India, Google engineering executives Peeyush Ranjan and Punit Soni lately resigned and returned home to join the Flipkart, India’s leading e-commerce business, and Snap deal’s main national competitor. The style has taken its twist with an impressive transfer from the 1980s and 1990s when a graduate edification and service in US was a self-assurance charm for the engineers like Satya Nadella and others.

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The trend has let India stand as in the late 1990’s in US and act as an aspiration for individuals who set their goals in encoding, e-commerce, mobile apps, etc. Bahl states that many of the graduates from the University of Pennsylvania are enthusiastic for a career in India. He points out about the expert individuals who return to India due to the opportunities available in the country. The times have changed, and India is on its mission to set a platform of career prospects to enroll all its population and outshine itself in the economy.

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