Role Of ‘Influence Letter’ In Job Interviews

Role Of ‘Influence Letter’ In Job Interviews
Role Of  ‘Influence Letter’ In Job Interviews

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A job interview is the most anticipated as well as the most dreaded event for any individual looking for an employment. Taking into account the current condition of the job market, good employment opportunities are hard to come by. So, a job interview is a golden opportunity to turn one’s life around.  But a Job interview is not a walk in the park. Employers want only the best to work for them and, as such, they can be quite hard to please. This article we aim at helping you face the toughest of interviews and even turn a rejection into an offer letter.

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Can You Turn Negative Into A Positive?

Yes, according to Robert Hellmann, it can. Robert Hellmann is a career coach at the Five O’clock Club, which is firm providing career counseling. According to Hellmann, an aspiring candidate can be rejected on several grounds, such as lack of experience, lack of certain skill sets, availability of better candidates, etc. But a rejection does not necessarily need to remain so. What Hellmann advises is that rejected candidates write an ‘Influence letter’ to their interviewers.

An ‘Influence Letter’ tackles whatever issues the interviewer cited when he rejected the candidate. For example, say a candidate was rejected because he did not have experience in leading people or being in-charge of a project.  The candidate can send an Influence Letter to the interviewer asking for a hypothetical situation where he would have to lead people or take charge of a project.  This letter gives the interviewer the impression that the candidate is not afraid to accept challenges and also gives the candidate another chance at getting the job.

Confidence Is the Key

After a rejection, what a candidate needs to have is confidence. Rejection of any kind can deliver a severe blow to one’s self-confidence, but the key to success lies in getting back up.  Confidence carries a lot of importance, both during an interview and after.  A confident candidate has a greater chance of impressing the interviewer, than an under confident candidate with higher credentials. A rejected candidate with a confident Influence Letter can also impress the interviewer.

Persistence and Patience Should Go Hand-in-Hand

Just like all things worth having, a good job also needs you to be persistent and patient. As stated earlier, employers are looking for the best of the best. So, they will use every trick in the book to test you. After a rejection, just one Influence Letter may not get you the job. As a matter of fact, in most cases, it won’t. An Influence Letter may impress an interviewer, but it also gives him the chance to find other shortcomings in you. In such situations, one must be patient and overcome whatever hurdles are put in their way. Confidence will let you impress your interviewer; persistence will win you the fight.

A Bit of Chemistry Always Helps

A candidate always needs to be on the same page as his interviewer. It helps create a comfortable environment between the two which makes the interview go smoothly. For example, if the interviewer is talking to a candidate in a polite, but informal manner, it is advisable that the candidate do the same. If not, then the interviewer and the candidate will not be at the same level of comfort, which will result in an awkward interview. Thus, candidates must always try to imitate the vibe of the interviewer and build a working chemistry.

Make Sure the Influence Letters Are Error Free

Returning to the Influence Letters, it is imperative that they are absolutely error free. Nothing can be more disappointing than a letter from a potential employee, filled to the brim with spelling and grammatical errors. Proofread your letters before sending them and, if possible, have someone else look it as well. Send the letter only after it is completely error-free.

And What If It Fails?

In case your best efforts fail, and you do not get the job you applied for, there is no need to be disheartened. Interviews provide you with great amounts of experience with which to tackle your future interviews. The following points should be kept in mind while preparing for an interview:

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  • Give it yours all, don’t do anything half-heartedly and make sure that your presence is felt.
  • While you are trying to turn a rejection in your favor, also keep looking for other viable opportunities.
  • Finally, if you do not get through, send your interviewer a kind ‘Thank You’ letter to maintain a good relationship with him. In this day and age, it is always advisable to have people who can put in a good word for you.

Be confident, patient & persistent and success shall be yours.

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