How to Salvage a Bad Job Interview

How to Salvage a Bad Job Interview
salvage a bad job interview

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One of the crucial things that anyone passes out through in their life is an interview. Cracking any interview is pretty important for everyone. The first interview for anyone is a big thing, and we all are usually nervous during our first interview. Getting a chance to sit in an interview is not easy to get. All of us want to make good use of the opportunity we hardly get. Some steps should always be there in mind to crack the interview and to get the best out of it. We first make contacts and finally get the chance to appear in an interview. When the interview is not going as we want it to be, we get nervous and things start to get even worse. Just using some of the facts and keeping some things in mind, we can overcome the fear of our first interview and can do well. These tactics can surely make us confident enough during any interview, and we can get the job we always wanted.

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The first important thing during an interview is to remain calm and answer all the questions. All the interviewers have different styles to ask questions. Some of them are really easygoing, and some are not and they try to tackle you with a bunch of questions straight away just to check your reaction and to see how good you are in handling the pressure and at the same time be yourself. Sometimes we think it is going very bad, and we lose our hope, but things are not always what we think. We should just be our self and calmly answer all the questions. We should be more focused towards ourself rather than thinking about what all is going on there and handle pressure to overcome the fear of interview. We should be adaptable to the style of the interviewer and should act accordingly. For instance, some of the interviewers like to speak fast, and some speak slowly, in that case, we should try to understand them and change our body language. We should always take care of one thing that we are making appropriate eye contact with the interviewer.

We should always focus on our strength and not our weaknesses. We should put forward our strengths to the interviewer. We should add what we are good at interviews even if not being asked. We should try to get them in the conversation. Sometimes an interviewer takes us to a different path, and we usually start getting nervous that this is not what we are all about. In such cases, we should try to change the subject and talk about real strengths. We should always have two or three points in our mind from beginning to speak about. We should come up with better answers taking another try if we want to. We should be able to take control of the situation and then answer. We should not stop when we can’t describe something properly. We should always take one more chance if we know we can answer better.

We should not deny if we have made a mistake in answering any question, but should just apologize a little and correct our selves. Making excuses after saying something that you didn’t mean is not good, we should just agree to the fact that we just made a mistake. If we have a third party who helped us in getting the interview, then we should call them after the interview and tell how it went. It can sometimes help us in getting a second chance for an interview. A third party can convince the interviewer for getting another chance if the first one didn’t go that well according to you.

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We should always make good use of our Thank You Note.

Making the interviewer feel that you are interested in working for the company is a good technique.

One thing very important is that we should never apologize for a bad interview.


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