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Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO’s Vision Is A Future Beyond Windows

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO’s Vision Is A Future Beyond Windows
Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO’s Vision Is A Future Beyond Windows

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Satya Nadella says “Our industry does not respect tradition. It only respects innovation.” in the month of February last year, when he was authorized as the chief executive officer of Microsoft. After 39 years, the company Bill Gates co-founded company has been recognized as an inaccessible dreadnought that counted too much on its Windows operating system and crashed to glide into new markets, like mobile.

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Some essential products such as Microsoft Office, the series of applications that includes Word and Excel had been crafted around Windows, with exclusive parts transformed to work on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android systems. Nadella’s elevation would be an opportunity to rejuvenate the organization, getting it to launch products that attended outside Windows and to flourish fresh business models.

Nadella seems to be belligerently pursuing this course. From last December, Microsoft has procured two small firms that focus on cell phone productivity apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets. The company in last September bought Mojang which is the creator of the popular Minecraft video game, for 2.5 billion dollars, and its additional features to Windows like 3D holograms that users can have glance through a headset and control with hand gestures, for appealing young users. The brand new version of Microsoft’s Power BI (Business Intelligence) app which is a dashboard for analyzing data was launched in January, first for the iOS systems. Michael Silver, an analyst at Gartner and longtime Microsoft watcher has to say that Microsoft hasn’t virtually displayed any kind of vision like this in a very long time, in January when the holograms were released and this is happening only because of replacing the senior management.

In Nadella’s accession, the first year, Microsoft stockpile grew over 14%, and sales rose to 12%. Unlike the last CEO, Nadella is very familiar with investors, venture capitalists and the startups. Even the employees honour Nadella, getting surprised for a CEO who signed off the huge layoffs in Microsoft’s history, as 18,000 job vacancies were announced last year July. The Staffs even appreciate Nadella’s stratagem shifts and efforts to make the company modest and less administrative.

The big trouble Nadella confronts is how to promote more revenue with new software and applications and features, such as cloud subscriptions, free apps substituting pricey Windows and Office licenses. Brad Silverberg, a venture capitalist and former Microsoft executive has to say that Nadella has hit all the low-hanging fruits, implies, these things are not easy to do. However, Nadella asserted that regarding the execution issues, the company will address them, on a conference call in January.

Nadella utilizes the Power BI dashboard for tracking and compiling huge amounts of information and data on product usage and financial rendition to observe what works and what not.  Nadella also leading the charge for everyone in the company to become more data intended.

It is believed that, Nadella and his executives are making the point that the day could come most probably when new and younger generations of software and computer users might not use their products. Windows chief Myerson, at a board meeting last year, displayed a slide with pictures of students using Apple Macs and iPads.

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In 2014, Nadella asserted to the employees at a town hall that they could skip meetings if they don’t really need to be there and also advised the workers to talk to him directly, if they feel the administration is impeding. Nadella has also transformed the way engineering teams were structured, discarding testers to boost up software releases, adding data scientists and designers to the teams. He is even outlining as to cut some middle managers for making decisions faster and eliminating layers of bureaucracy.

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