Sesame Enable – The Clever Smartphone For The Paralyzed That Can Reach The Mass

Sesame Enable – The Clever Smartphone For The Paralyzed That Can Reach The Mass
Sesame Enable -  The Clever Smartphone For The Paralyzed That Can Reach The Mass

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The good news is yet to sink into Oded Ben Dov and Giora Livne, the co founders of Sesame Enable.

Sesame Enable, with its cutting edge technology, produces devices specially devised for the disabled. Giora Livne, a quadriplegic in his fifties, also worked on of the smart phone.

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Just a few weeks back Sesame completed the sale of their 50th smartphone unit in an Indiegogo campaign, an international crowdfunding site to help raise funds online, raised an amount of $32,202. Soon after this, Sesame Enable most deservingly grabbed the first place for the Verizon’s Powerful Answers award. And the prize? A whopping $1 million!

Before you begin wondering what it is all about, let me share what it is. It is something that will make a huge difference to so many people. It is their invention of the Sesame Phone, which is a device handcrafted to understand or read a person’s head movements so that they never have to touch the phone with their hands. This clever, smartphone was exclusively built for those living with paralysis, but its creators say that even the normal and perfectly fit will find it’s “touch less” technology quite useful one day.

Sesame Enable Story

Oded Ben Dov created this exquisite Sesame Phone two years back when he went on an Israeli television show to talk about a new mobile game in which one could control using only his/her head movements. Soon after, Ben Dov got a phone call, and the raspy voice on the other end asked him if Ben Dov could create a smartphone he could use.

It was none other than Giora Livne on the other end, who was an Israeli naval veteran who had become a quadriplegic eight years earlier when he fell from a ladder, and couldn’t move his hands or legs from then on.

Sesame Enable phone addresses the privacy problem of the disabled.

Until that time, Livne had been forced to rely on his care taker, who did not speak or read Hebrew that well, to help him send texts and read the messages on his phone. And the worst part was not the lack of independence; it was the lack of privacy that hurt him more.

Livne advised Ben Dov on the requirements for the development of the Sesame Phone and helped in the shaping up of the phone, and finally started using it six months back. Now Livne has to only move his head slightly to trigger or start an old style cursor on the screen of the phone, to allow him to “tap” or “swipe” the phone with the right and the required movements. One can turn the phone on by saying “Open Sesame.”

Sesame claims that someone who is paralyzed can do almost everything that a normal person does, right from browsing the web, to sending texts, reading messages, watching videos on You Tube, or even playing Candy Crush. The Sesame is actually a Google Nexus 5 smart phone with the Sesame’s software pre-installed in it.

What’s more, Livne can now even control some of the internet connected devices in his place which includes his TV, Air conditioner and other appliances which are integrated through his Sesame smart phone. This is perhaps where the greater potential of such a smart phone is realized.

This amazing duo now has 10 beta testers all around the world who are trying the phone, using it to give them feedback.

Future of Sesame Enable

Ben Dov claims that nearly 10 million people in the world are living with paralysis who has limited options when it comes to using a smart phone or tablet. And the introduction of Sesame will probably reduce that, or maybe remove it forever.

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But Sesame’s market could reach maybe farther than just to the disabled. Ben Dov now hopes to have a partnership with a mobile carrier company or a manufacturer on integrating the Sesame technology into more phones that are made and designed for the masses, which will in turn help Sesame reach the masses. The main characteristics and design feature of the phone lie in the software, algorithms that can detect even the tiniest of the movements of the head.

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