Shisha Smokers In Iraq Are On Islamists’ Target

Shisha Smokers In Iraq Are On Islamists’ Target

Shisha Smokers in Iraq are on Islamists’ targetThe Sunni extremists have taken over some Iraqi cities and some part of Syria. They have declared their under controlled area the Islamic state and set up lows according to strict Islamic laws throughout the area. In fact, they are doing every possible thing to make it tremendous. They are against every single act which is sin according to Islamic state’s laws. They are always with very horrible looks, holding Kalashnikov rifles on their Shoulders and a dogmatic attitude. The group wears baggy pants and long shirts.

Earlier, a 30 years old Iraqi laboratory technician named Younes was smoking a shisha water pipe, playing with cards with his few friends in the Iraqi city Mosul (which has been overtaken by Sunni extremist for few weeks), meanwhile a dozen extremists with Kalashnikov rifles on their shoulders surrounded them.

“The group of extremists told me that making such things for entertainment was sinful, and they didn’t leave till I sworn to ban such things,” said Younes “we are very serious about all this and hurtling fast to remove such nonsense.”

Actually, Younes had been amid Sunnis who had welcomed the members of the Islamic state to takeover on city Mosul last month, believing that it would help them to get away from the grip of military comes under Shiite-dominated government.

According to reports from extremist dominated area, the Islamic state is now setting off the people who cheered its quick takeover on their cities and towns earlier; it is imposing a strict Islamic lifestyle on them. Since extremists’ takeover, the militants haven’t been able to atone state workers who haven’t been paid or restore government-supplied electricity and water, which have been running short.

Government’s Differentiation To Sunnis And Opportunity To ISIL

According to Noureddin Qablan, vice chairman of the council in Nineveh province, whose capital is Mosul, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s government obstructed salaries for its employees who are living in areas which are under Islamic State’s control.

Qablan said, “The Islamic State, which is now known as ISIL or ISIS, called itself the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant till the end of last month. For last few years, ultimately, It would try to form its own social welfare system to win local support, as Lebanon’s Hezbollah group and the Palestinian Hamas faction.

Qablan further added, “But they won’t succeed because people under their dominated area, don’t want to live the kind of life that imposes such life what they never want before, and that is because of the welfare system.  At the beginning of the crisis, people cheered “but it was just the euphoria of winning. But now, they realize that it was not only about winning, it was also about making things work properly.”

Sunni’s Economical Ado

According to Mohsin Khan who is a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Rafik Hariri center for the middle East, Things became complicated for misbalancing economic issues in the country for last seven years, because the Maliki government has been favoring only Shiite people and hiring them constantly over the past seven years.”

“That’s why Sunnis have economic grievances that the Maliki government has totally ignored,” further added Khan. “Anyway, if ISIL would have been without sunni tribes support; it could have never succeeded so fast.”

Complicated Daily Lifestyle

Younes narrated, “I have no interest in any kind of social services coming from  the Islamic State, because I want a fair government in Baghdad that should treat its citizens equally with respect  to their religious beliefs.”

He told that the people were tired and wanted get rid of all this complications.

 Younes further told that he didn’t go to café anymore; he just sit or stand (with his friends) along the road close to my house in order to escape from ISIL members if they came again. “ You know how hard it is living with such complications around you,” he said “but I will wait until things come normal again.”

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