Simple Rules to give a better touch to your resume

Simple Rules to give a better touch to your resume

Simple Rules to give a better touch to your resume

Job offers that slip out of your hands in spite of a great profile can leave you behind with a huge question mark. Why did I not get through?  Sometimes more than the content, the way of presenting takes the priority. A simple content present wittier will slip through rather than having excess content in a boring fashion.

Job resumes preparation look simple while they actually aren’t. There are  some tricks that must be kept in mind while preparing your job resume. This will make it appear more pleasing and to the point to your company. Your future employer will look for how good you have been at work and how much they can depend on yours. So make sure your resume gives them enough of information about such thing that will be a good start off for you.

Adding your previous experience has nothing at all to do with convincing your future boss unless you tell him how good you’re at it or how better can you perform with him. This gives a more responsible feeling about the employee and also gives the much explicit details about what they can expect out of you. Do the following to know how good your resume is.

  • Read your resume aloud: Add the phrase ‘you should give me a bonus this year because ‘before each line.

If you feel what you read was too irrelevant for anyone to consider as a reason to give you a bonus then take these lines off your resume. When these do not give you, the advantage may be they aren’t supposed to be here. Now replace this sentence with some other sentence that you feel goes in with the phrase.

E.g: In case your line read you should give me a bonus because you hired me to be the director then maybe it’s time you take them out. Rather add sentences that focus on your accomplishments. Your position will not give much about you. Talk about increased sales record, cutting down the time and other accomplishments that will encourage the employer to feel interested. This will show what you did for the company

  • Closely related to the previous tip: Count the number of $ and % in your resume and multiply them

These are the methods of quantifying your success at an organization. While looking for jobs with long previous experiences,  it is very important that you have  a good number of these symbols in your resume.  Rewrite them in this manner to bring more attention.

  • E.g: Increased sales by 11 % in my region using effective strategies.
  • Decreased costs by 30% in my division without affecting the productivity.
  • Increased profits of the company by 13 %.
  • Reduced server load by 40% and costs by 12 %.

While reading these points along with “you must give me a bonus this year” you will have a feeling of having a resume that gives enough of a reason to hire you. Sometimes resumes miss out on such details. They turn out to become nothing close to useful for an employer to make decisions based on it. Resumes must have much of what you can do rather than what you were or want you to be.

Demonstrating your future boss what he can expect from you in a quantifiable manner can make things more clear to him.  So in two minutes of time and a small magic phrase you can turn your resume more pleasing than ever.  So get set to go for your job with a more pleasing and an appealing resume, keeping in mind the contents of it.

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