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Social Media Engagement 101: How to Help Increase Your Follower Interaction

Social Media Engagement 101: How to Help Increase Your Follower Interaction

Creating long-term customer relationships is at the heart of every successful business. Understanding your customers’ needs and wants are critical in keeping your business relevant in the market. 

With the advent of social media, building loyal customer relationships has become tricky. It is true that the virtual space is an infinite avenue for businesses to grow, innovate and create new networks. However, the nature of vitality that thrives online could make or break any business brand.

If your business is planning on jumping into the world of social media, here are a few tips that could help you boost interaction with your followers:

Curate Your Content

Your business’ online presence must be consistent with your branding. Applying this online entails curating your content.

What is Content Curation?

Content curation means sifting through the massive loads of available digital content surrounding a specific topic, and delivering it in an organized fashion. A few ways to curate your content efficiently are:

  • You can present content from opinion or thought leaders in your industryespecially those that have proven mastery of their craft.
  • To maximize your social media platform’s potential to drive a strong following, understand the limits of your chosen platform.
  • On Facebook, know that most people love to share short and fun clips.
  • On Instagram, impeccable photography or quick how-to’s reap thousands more likes than poorly shot or copy-pasted images.

Through content curation, you are able to deliver content in a form most suited to your social media platform.

Create a Social Media Calendar

Timing is everything when you want to boost interaction with your followers. Putting up a social media calendar is a vital step towards achieving a successful social media marketing plan. Here’s how it helps boost your follower interaction: 

  • It determines the best time of day and week to post, and the most popular type of content.
  • It functions perfectly alongside insight tools that Facebook offers.
  • It helps you monitor your content’s reach and performance.
  • It helps your team keep an eye on important dates such as holidays, launchings and campaign releases.

By creating a social media calendar, you can easily eye great opportunities for your business to produce strong, interactive content.

Generate Fresh and Meaningful Content

Generating your own content can be as traffic-friendly as curated content. It allows you to showcase the niche you want your business to be most known for. In his book, “Online Marketing Superstars”, online entrepreneur Mitch Meyerson underscored that “great content” means generating high quality backlinks to your site. Reflecting on Meyerson’s principle, here are tips you can do to make your content be more traffic-friendly:

  • Tailor-fit content to your target audience. The more specific it is, the better.
  • Capitalize on compelling visualsanother way to generate a fresh content for your follower’s feed.
  • With the decreasing attention span people have online, win them in the first post they see on your page.
  • Make room for delightful and memorable content. Schedules days where content isn’t business-focused. Share a random quote about success or even a something like a cute smiling Alpaca to make their day.

Don’t consistently produce content that shoves your business directly to your audience. Spark spontaneity, make your content wide-ranging.

Make Conversations

Sincerity on the World Wide Web tugs at the heart of existing and potential followers. Mastering the art of producing traffic-friendly content isn’t enough to keep them subscribed to your page. Here’s how you can maximize the art of communication on your page: 

  • Talk to them. The comments section is made available on leading social media sites todayuse this to establish intimate connection with your followers.
  • Comments about your content will not always be positive. A post could harbor negative feedback and ignoring them isn’t always the best strategy. When this situation comes up, address the commenter, humble down and open your lines for further discussion about the issue.
  • Two-way communication distinguishes online marketing from its traditional counterparts. Make use of this capacity to keep loyal followers, while at the same time, gaining new ones.

Creating meaningful conversations makes your audience feel that their presence is valued.  Make efforts to make them feel that they truly are.

Collaborate with Social Media Influencers

Through the years, blogging has proven its ability to influence the public’s buying attitude. As the new small-screen superstars, social media influencers create content that becomes a point of engagement among their followers. Here’s how you can strategically make collaborations with these influencers: 

  • Begin by knowing the famous bloggers within your industry.
  • Invite them to create collaborative projects and have these shared on each of your channels.
  • Through collaborative projects, create links outside your current network.
  • Deliver content that is varied and engage each kind of audience or follower.


As just one component of your businesses’ Digital Fuel, social media is a great way to connect with your followers. However, there is no cookie-cutter solution to boosting your social media engagement. Through the tips we’ve shared, you can kick-start a mix of techniques to boost your follower interaction. Find what works, and what doesn’t and build your social media presence along the way.

Toby Oddy

 Toby is a professional digital marketing expert and the godfather of digital marketing for gambling. The CEO and Founder of, he strives to help his clients succeed. He used to work for coral, Ladbrokes & Mansion. 

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