Your Social Media Profile Can Help Your Career

Your Social Media Profile Can Help Your Career
Your Social Media Profile Can Help Your Career

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Social media has grown significantly over the last decade. It has changed the way we think, analyze, and operate. Due to the technological advancement everything is at our fingertips and instantaneous. People have the access to do anything and at anywhere. Social media provides a great exposure for an individual as it can be accessed easily. It is becoming a tool for recruiting people by the employers directly. It is very important on the part of an employee to declare the correct information and content with his name on the internet. The survey conducted by Eurocom the Canadian computer manufacturer informed that about 40% of five technological industries have hired workers on the basis of their social media profile.

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Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have dragged the world to the next level. Companies checking the social media profile of the job candidates have increased so creating a positive social media profile avoids the individual from being rejected by an employer. A research have shown that not only 70% of the website owners believe that their future employer have viewed their endorsement before interview, but also 50% of the owners have been proactive been contacted by the manager as a result of noticing the website. There are a several personal websites where an employee has the easy access to connect to people or endorse his brand. ABOUT.ME is one of the most popular personal detail providers. It is easy to make and looks great! It allows you to update the important data, post, biography or blog post. It helps to build and increase contact network. It also shows who viewed your profile, complemented or added you to their “collection”. It also allows you to search other social media sites and mail accounts for people that use ABOUT.ME platform so you can connect with them. There are many such websites where you can display your personal information and connect your social media accounts. There are several free services that make your personal profile worth viewing like,,, etc. these websites are often viewed by employers for recruitment.

Today over 95% of the world population are connected to Facebook or Tweeter. Often people create a separate profile for managing their personal and professional background, but it becomes very difficult to regulate and moreover it is a violation of the terms and services of Facebook that could get your account banned. The web is the first step to impose your impression on the eye of an employer. It does not matter how impressive your CV is, your online persona makes the recruiters off. Your online personal profile, status, updates that may include your potential are your reflection that can make you different from another employee. If your Facebook page contains information that is not going with your biography can be a negative impact as it proves you are lying, or you are a double sided person. The abrogating tweets about life or the workplace or the boss can cause a contrary impression on the employer and can lead to the rejection of the post. Uploading pictures that are inappropriate or depressing views about your current job implies that you are unreliable and can’t be trusted.

With social media nothing seems to die. Paula Deen, a celebrity cook, has been in a nasty controversy over admitting a certain racist remarks on Twitter. Outraged critics took to Twitter to express their anger using the hashtag #PAULASBESTDISHES. Lots of allegation is floating around social media, implying there is evidence that racist statement were more recent and worst. This has wiped her career off. She is still revolving around courts for these accusations.

LinkedIn is a good platform for job seekers. You can create a highly professional resume using LinkedIn. This includes creating detailed information about yourself like your past job experience, current job, education qualifications, rewards and achievements, professional skills. You can put your write-ups or blog. It has numerous features for creating you a professional worker. LinkedIn endorsements have taken off in the past few months. These endorsements have a great value because the more characteristic feature you have, the higher your profile will rank for each skill.

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As a lot of companies jump on the social media bandwagon, it proves that searching social media for background information on potential job candidates will continue to grow. A social networking profile represents your personality and displays your professional enthusiasm. Managing your online presence is more important than ever. It is a good thing just needs a proper implementation and processing.

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