A Sound Leadership in 2016 Business

A Sound Leadership in 2016 Business
leadership trends in 2016.

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Ancient Romans used to say that a leader who is a lion makes his recruits into lions as well. It is simply amazing just how relevant this is for a world of modern business as well. However, one must first ask, what exactly a good leader is. Well, the definitions are various here, but some would say that it is a person who gets the job done. Now, in order to do so he or she must know how to organize the ranks, motivate their people and lead by example. Still, this is more of an exact science that a guesswork and with this in mind here are some leadership trends that are important to follow in 2016.

Flexibility and adaptability

First of all, it is true that this modern world is unlike anything the world of business has ever seen so far. For starters, we live in a world where it is more and more acceptable to work from home, which makes office work seem a bit redundant. Furthermore, the average working population towards the world is quickly shifting towards the millennials which are quite unique in their own way and are known for moving at their own pace. Because of all this, a leader who tries to play by-the-book all the time or abide to some rigid rules, most probably won’t have satisfactory results on his side.

Authority without fear

Now, even though you need your people to trust you, what you don’t want is to get too familiar with your direct subordinates. Even though this may be quite difficult thing to do and say in 2016, you are still their boss and not their buddy. What you need to be is a figure of authority in the workplace but this doesn’t mean that everyone in the office should cringe when you walk by. This can become a problem of its own since it will prevent people from being honest with you and even reporting some serious problems out of fear. In other words, you need to become someone they trust and admire at the same time.

Grooming in-house talent

There is a statistic that it can take even up to a year or two for a new employee to become fully productive, which is why it is important for a leader to dedicate him or herself to this completely. You simply cannot expect just to grab someone fresh out of college and expect them to have all the answers in the world.

What you need to do is to plan well ahead, and try to groom someone for a place long before you actually need them in that particular position. Hire someone with suitable traits for the job via reliable recruitment agency and start working on them. Take your time to do this right and the results will be more than rewarding.

Making people stay

Imagine hiring a promising young talent, grooming them for a position, helping them reach their pinnacle and then letting them go. Just imagine what an incredible waste of time and resources would be for your company (and you personally). To prevent this from happening get to know your employees, learn about what it is that makes them tick and be sure to always offer them what they deem suitable enough to stay with you for. Often, it is not even about money or position, it is about trust and appreciation.

In the end, if you want your people to perform admirable, you must lead by example. Never ask your staff to make a sacrifice that you alone are unwilling to take and this is just the start of it. By trying to make yourself into a good leader, you will make an effort towards improving your business significantly. This is what being a leader is all about.

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