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Startups Poised To Hit A Billion Dollar Valuation

Startups Poised To Hit A Billion Dollar Valuation
Startups Poised To Hit A Billion Dollar Valuation


Startup success stories are abounding with the mention of Uber, Pinterest, Dropbox to more once-startup-now-giants such as Facebook and Google. All the established giants, whether online or offline were once an idea and a budding startup. Only firm determination of their owners and founders helped these start-ups see the light of the day and changed our lives radically.

Now, there are many other start-ups that are still underground and brushing their product or services to make the best entry in the market. Some of these start-ups are looking for the prospective best ones that will go on to become a big company. Let us have a look at some of the start ups which are expected to make it big in the next few years.

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  1. Affirmed: Founded by Hassan Ahmad, Affirmed develops softwares that ensure a smoother run of the mobile network industry. It has already been in the market and has raised a capital of $163 million by digitizing and tapping the companies like AT&T and LG Uplus among others.
  2. Avant: This firm is helping making personal loans better, and the creative minds behind this one are Al Goldstein, John Sun, and Paul Zhang. The company is raking in money in billions and is going to be a big thing in the insurance and banking sectors in the days to come.
  3. Beepi: This online used-car buying and selling portal is one innovative venture given the kind of service it is known The startup is known as an online used car trading site and is taking up a lot of big money. Started up by Ale Resnik and Ove Savior the amount of capital raised so far by this firm is around $79 Million. The start-up has a long way to go as it is doing something that is innovative and is being currently valued at $ 200 Million.
  4. Blue Apron: Currently valued at $ 500 million this yet another innovative firm was started by three passionate people named Matt Salzberg, Matthew Wadiak, and Ilia Papas. The company delivers fresh ingredients and recipes to the doorstep of people and unlike other such services, this one is reliable and they deliver quality stock.
  5. Cyanogen: Valued t at 1 Billion Cyanogen is here to give tough competition to some big names such as Google. They are making mobile operating systems and once they are properly globalized, then will be a huge hit. They are currently making waves in China, India, and Latin America and will expand further in the coming years. Starteded by Kirt McMaster and Steve Kondik has mopped up a fund of $110 million.
  6. Datastax: Founded by Jonathan Ellis and Matt Pfeil. The company has already started making big by bagging ties with big names like Accenture, Google, and Microsoft. This makes a record of a database of Netflix and other transactions that happen on the internet. The start-up will emerge as a big name in the coming years and its has already bagged funds of $ 190 Million at a value of $100 Million.
  7. Deliveroo: This food deliverer from restaurants is a savior in the United Kingdom as it is one of the few restaurants that deliver quality food to homes. Started by Will Shoo, this one delivers on time and is right now raking in $30 million toward capital stake is valued more than $ 100 Million. Deliveroo presently delivering to more than 100,000 customers.
  8. Docker: Make your apps and run them. Yes, this firm has made it possible for people to make their apps with the help of some simple container codes that you can also understand easily. The capital raised by the company is approximately around $150 million. With such ease and flexibility, the firm sure has a long way to go and develop into a big site than what it already is. This open platform to build and run apps is currently valued at $ 1 Billion.
  9. DoorDash: Founded by Stanford students Andy Fang, Stanley Tang, Tony Xu and Evan Charles, this is one of the firms that was made for the people of Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago and Washington as the students knew the plight of other who were not able to have restaurant food delievered at their places. This food delivery start-up provides services which are commendable, and hopefully they will reach out to more clients too. Currently valued at $ 600 Million it raised $ 60 Million recently to widen its reach.
  10. Grand Rounds: This one-of-its-kind start-up, is an innovation of the great minds of Owen Tripp and Rusty Hofmann. The owners started with an idea to connect the patients with the best medical specialists and to a large extent, they have achieved it and are going a long way to keeping up with the legacy. The annual capital raised by the company is around $51 millions and counting.
  11. Raise: Built on an interesting concept this Unused-gift trading marketplace is spreading smile on several faces with its services. In the field of marketing the unused gift cards, about 20% gift cards go unused on an annual basis. So, the owners decided to reuse them and this way they raked in $87 million as the first series of funding with an estimated future net worth of $500 million.

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The list is apparently endless and each one of the start ups are doing incredibly well, thanks to the innovative product design. There are more and more such start ups coming up and are expected to be hit a billion dollar worth in the field of Online real estate, cloud security, analytics, cyber-security, ecommerce, mobile shopping platforms are coming up.

Some of the other notable names worth mentioning in both offline and online space are, Zenefits, Wish, Viptela, Thumbtack, Teespring, Skyhigh Networks, Social Finance, Lithium & Mixpanel, who have launched their service offerings and have raised capital from marquee investors and are poised to register phenomenal growth.

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