Be a Stronger Candidate for a Career Switch

Be a Stronger Candidate for a Career Switch
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It is hard to switch your career if you try to do it when you are in your 40’s, 50’s or 60’s. This is due to competition from juniors and also from more experienced candidates in that field who are either your age or younger. So it is better if you plan properly and make sure that your experience in the previous field does not go in vain after switching your career.

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Here are 4 tips which will help you in case you are trying to change your career:

1) You must be social:

You must be very particular when it comes to how you maintain your profile on online social networking sites. Some of the studies showed that – In 2014, 92% employers used LinkedIn to recruit fresh employees. LinkedIn is a social network to improve professional connections. So you must spend some time on online social networking. This profile is as important as your Curriculum Vitae. Students and youth are maintaining it properly. So it is becoming hard for senior employees to outrun them at this particular point.

This profile should be beautiful and attractive. This shows what you are to the recruiters. It increases your visibility in the market and fetches you new opportunities. Not only in case of career changing; social network profile is very essential for every student and employee.

2) You should have diverse technical skills:           

In addition to basic stuff on a computer like Microsoft Word, you must know many other things as each and every software will be useful in your profession. Excel is very useful in creating databases, etc. Power point is useful in making desired presentations and also to make many other things like attractive resume, call letters, etc.

It is a very old method to do a presentation on your PC and then send it to colleagues for corrections or editing. Nowadays, everyone uses Google Drive which allows people to share their work and files easily. You should know all these perfectly and you should be up to date about the best software and services available. College students know all these things as it becomes a part of their academic life. You can even create forms in a much simpler way!

There are many resources to learn all these. Even the video tutorials are available online for free. So it is not so hard to learn. The only thing that matters is that you should possess new technical skills.

3) Your credit records should be proper:

Most of the employers check your credit reports to see if they are fine or if there is anything fake. It was found by a federal trade commission service that 25% of consumers have errors on these reports which made them untrustworthy. These reports show employers if you are reliable and trustworthy or not. So you have to be very careful in maintaining these.

This credit record is so dangerous that you might lose a job for which you were selected before your credit report was checked and later found erroneous. So check your credit reports before you apply for a job. If you find anything wrong, get it sorted as soon as possible before you lose the job opportunity for which you have been trying hard.

4) Enter the freelance economy:

If you think your work is very hectic or it is making you restless, just choose the freelance economy. In this, you can work with companies on individual projects or based on some contract. This will reduce your frustration. This is really advantageous. There are chances of getting a higher income too. But as mentioned earlier, you need a very nice profile on social networks. Sometimes, your profile can show your work and abilities.

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First make sure that you are maintaining all 4 of these very well and then try to change your career.

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