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Success is both Relative & Elusive

Success is both Relative & Elusive
success is relative

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What is a success? An accomplishment of a task provided by ourselves or our surroundings might define it somehow. It is an achievement of a particular aim or purpose. Is it measurable? Well, sometimes you might get tempted to calculate the value of it in your lifecycle’s assets and liability pages, but it is an immeasurable quantity in many regards. Who is a successful person? Well, this answer should be pretty straight forward; Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani, etc. these are successful personalities. Now, are we successful as a whole?

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In the series of questions and answers, first three were just warm-ups. The fourth one is the real one related to the subject of discussion. So think about it, do you call yourself a successful personality? Well, most of the people are going to say Naah! We don’t think we have got it.

Now success has become one of the essential amenities like food, clothes, and shelters. People are now being measured in being successful. Success is not an easy trophy to be achieved by anyone. Hard work and persevere might be the only two factors of success. Leading an ideal life and doing all your jobs might also not be enough for being successful.

Why is this? Maybe these people are not so lucky; though we need to create our destiny to be successful. However, the X-factor that is required is found to be the ‘Attitude’. Sometimes people miss the moral courage, the general mindset to realize what it takes to be successful.

In spite of all this discussions, this concept remains blurry and incomplete. However, let us discuss some of the questions in which you might not be as successful as you have wanted.

  • What does success mean to you?

So take a minute and ponder on the concept though I think you have stated this earlier too. From the series of questions and answers, did you find anyone appropriate? Do you think that the concept has been clarified properly?

If your answer is ‘No’, then that’s a both good and bad sign. You have your view on it; that’s brilliant. But is it clear to you? Do you know what to expect from life?

Try this angle – Number of exams you have passed, number of goals you have scored, numbers of prices you own, numbers of jobs you got, numbers of promotions you achieved; all can be counted as success, but sometimes it might seem all vague. So yeah, find that answer within yourself and try to reach for it.

  • Are you in the right job at all?

Hey, don’t be sad if it’s true. According to a study by Forbes, almost 53% of employees in America are unhappy with their jobs, and the number might increase in some places. Now, why does a man not do his favorable job? Well, the most certain answer ought to be that they can’t get an opportunity in that field. So, be honest and listen to your inner calling first. It is great if you are on the right track, but if not, you might reconsider your options.

Most of the people are not willing to take new risks in life and try to be happy with what they have. Fine, you can still be successful, but the taste of that grape will not be much sweeter if you would have changed suit. Need some names of inspiration? Behold Colonel Sanders and Ronald Regan, the brain behind KFC and the former USA president. Both thrived after changing occupation greatly after the age of fifty. If they can, you can too in this emerging open minded world. Take a brave decision and yeah, you can call yourself a truly successful person. Because it is no surprise that one would thrive more in their favorable condition than the other ones.

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  • Can you say No to all when necessary?

 It might seem a little bit strange point at the first shot but after you go through this para, you will understand the importance of it. First, pick out any day at your job and ty to think how many requests you have fulfilled or at least had a go at it. If it’s almost 100%, you might need to check your approach. Here, we are not suggesting that you should not help anyone, no, not at all. But if you start disagreeing in the fields which puts you out of your comfort zone and has no use for you, you will be starting to feel self-authoritative, which will also help to give enough self-respect to thrive for success. According to Mike Lamele, this is the only way to live our self-chosen life rather than what others want. Don’t be selfish, but be intelligent and confident enough to put the stray efforts aside and ride the way for a successful life.

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