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Curse or a Boon: How Technology is affecting your HR?

Curse or a Boon: How Technology is affecting your HR?
Curse or a Boon: How Technology is affecting your HR?

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Time flows by and humans never cease to evolve, the craving and curiosity to go further and beyond the limits has given rise to various awesome technologies we have today. So much that, we did not even realize, when we got our lives dependent on them.

The technology has made its presence felt and known to everyone right from your house to big corporates, everyone likes and are addicted to technology. Every year, many companies invest millions to boost their productivity and get a leading edge against their competitors.

Technology has not even spared the HRs by providing them with some extra ordinary features that no HR can resist using.

Features that makes HRs drooling for technology:

  • Easy and Efficient working: It minimizes errors, saves time and easily completes your entire management task in fraction of seconds, what more does an HR need?
  • Automates process: Automating the entire process frees the HR from all the time consuming and tedious tasks, enabling them to handle other crucial tasks. In short, multi-tasking at its best.
  • Storage security: A secure and safe storage unit, the cloud, which can be accessed and used anywhere, whenever and wherever the HR needs it. Moreover, the data is kept away encrypted and safe.
  • Recruitment: Ease up the recruitment procedure, find the right candidates on various portals and accordingly screen them. Furthermore, recruit and manage them easily.
  • Training and development: Plan, design and test employee’s training and development modules. Track improvements of your employees.
  • Tracking: Tracking employees was never so easy, the report on their performance, attendance, assignment etc., all are available at the click of a button for an HR.

In contrast to that, it is essential to add that technology is also a double-edged sword, while it helps with human resource management, it can also kick you up hard, and you would not even be able to see that coming.


One for all: With the work of an HR getting easy, a single HR can suffice the needs of the company. Though it is beneficial for the company, still it may lead to downsizing of the HR team, as with technology a single HR can be as effective as 10s of them.

Rise of the TR’s: With technology taking over human workers for their efficiency and reliability, again it can endanger the position of HR, as technical resource manager would be more helpful than the HR.

Track Reversal: As the HR can track its employees, even their seniors can track them and monitor their performance.

Work more: With availability of the files on cloud and ease of access, these files can be made available on any personal device. Thus, the HR may be needed to work even on holidays or their most awaited vacation.

Err: A simple virus can harm a computer system, though it is not much of an issue, but still an inconvenience caused, is an inconvenience counted.

Therefore, the HR is often found bouncing off between the goods and the evils of technology; some may easily opt for it looking at the ease of use feature, while some may run away from the fear of its disadvantages.

However, who am I to decide whether it’s a boon or curse. In fact, it’s all about how we perceive it to be. And you would not know until you try, so make your choice, as technology helps me make my coffee TING!


Author: Anwar Shaikh writes about HRMS solutions and Payroll Software. A self-made, reared-up writer and a poetic soul, Anwar is a wannabe Cloud evangelist and has a great penchant for SMAC, CRM, ERP and human resources. He writes for Pocket HCM, a leading provider of cloud based payroll and HR management solutions to small and mid-sized businesses all across India.

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