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The 4 Secrets Of Attention Getting Resume

The 4 Secrets Of Attention Getting Resume

Secrets Of Attention Getting Resume

A resume is a document used by a person to present his background and skills. The main reason of using a resume is for getting new employment. By its very nature, a resume contains plenty of detailed information and often acts as a sales brochure of an individual. However, it is needed to present your resume in such a way that all details are mentioned in it but still it is readable. This is possible by organizing and prioritizing the order of information mentioned in the resume.


  • ONE PAGE ONLY – The length of your resume should not exceed more than a single page. Make sure that you only focus and write the most important things and achievements.
  • WARNING – Before you start resume writing make sure you don’t use any fancy template or excessive use of bold, italics and large font on your resume.
  • CLEAR AND CONCISE – Ensure that at the top of your resume you mention only your name, e-mail address and phone number. There is no need of including home address. Instead of mentioning 2-3 phone numbers. Mention the numbers which are more frequently used by you.
  • USE ACTIVE VERBS – Every point you write on your resume should appeal to the interviewer like some sort of decisive action has been taken before mentioning the point.
  • BRIEF DESCRIPTION – Through this, convey the employer regarding what you have to offer the company, your previous work experience. Mention how your past job provided you with an edge and what’s your specialty.
  • SKILLS – In this section of the resume, only highlight the skills and qualities that you think are most valuable and unique. These unique skills are the main reason of getting selected by any firm.
  • ACCENTUATE THE HIGHLIGHTS – Include your educational achievements and other relevant or significant honours and rewards as it will make you much desirable for the company. Specific industry-related notice and certifications certainly fit the bill.
  • PERSONALIZATION – After writing your resume, and before applying for the job, scrutinize the skills the employer is looking for. Make sure to include such words and phrases in your resume which make you appear as the ideal match for the employer’s post.
  • MODES OF WRITING – Always take the print out of your resume or write your resume on a white A4 size ivory sheet, instead of writing it down on a coloured or ruled paper.
  • AVOID WRITING PERSONAL THINGS – Like expected salary, preferred posting location etc. Leave all such things to be discussed in the interview.
  • OBJECTIVE STATEMENT (OPTIONAL) – Placing an objective statement at the top of your resume is another way of getting noticed by the interviewer. Hence, if you are using an objective statement, then it should be solid enough to leave a positive impact on the interviewer.
  • COVER LETTER – Cover letters are crucial and important part of the resume. On the cover letter don’t showcase your achievements instead talk about the obstacles you faced in life and how you overcame them. And how the solutions used by you are again a success. Such things would gather the interviewer’s attention.
  • CROSS-CHECK – Before sending the resume online make sure you have taken the hard copy of the resume. Margins, font-size, and type faces should again be re-examined in the hard copy. To make sure the resume is pleasing to your eye.
  • PROOF-READING – Before finalizing your resume proof,read it. Check if there are any grammatical or punctuation errors. Correct them if any. And then only send your resume to various companies. A complete correct resume leaves a positive impact on the interviewer.
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