The Best Workouts for Time Poor People

The Best Workouts for Time Poor People

3In today’s busy world, finding time to fit in any tasks outside of the necessities can be difficult for us. For this reason, exercise often takes a back seat, and with it, our health. This can have serious knock on effects down the line, so finding a way we can fit a little exercise in is a top priority.

Thankfully, even small amounts of exercise can make a difference. It’s entirely possible to get a decent workout done in 30 minutes and reap the rewards. Regular exercise reduces health risks, makes us less body conscious, and overall increases life happiness.

So what are the best workouts for time poor people? It will vary from person to person depending on their preferences and goals, but here are some of the best around.

Half Hour Strength Workout

Many people that engage in strength training will say that workouts should be an hour or more. This is not true, and in some cases just downright ridiculous. A workout length of this type depends on what the goals are, how long you rest between sets, what muscle groups you are focussing, and a whole variety of other reasons. In reality, it’s perfectly possible to achieve results from strength training in 30 minutes. Chris Thomson, manager of Glasgow gym Anytime Fitness St Enoch says “It’s entirely possible to get noticeable results from a 30 minutes’ workout. As long as you’re regular with getting them in, you’ll notice the benefits after as little as a month.”

To do this, look at some of the compound lifts and Olympic lifts. In particular, we are looking at deadlifts, bench press, and squats for compound lifts. A compound lift are weight lifts that use multiple muscles at once. This means you can combine the exercising of several muscle groups into one exercise, drastically reducing time.

A 5km Run

Running, as it is well known, is a fantastic cardio vascular exercise that is also a great workout for the lower and core body. Even better, it can be done almost anywhere and at very little cost. Simply don your shoes, head outside, and run Forrest, run. Ideal for the business person looking for a lunchtime workout, this can be completed in a lunch hour and leave time for food too.

A good time for a 10km is under an hour, so considering that each consecutive kilometre time is longer than the last, a 5km should be able to be completed in around 30 minutes. If this isn’t the case, start with something shorter like a 3km and set a reasonable timeframe to achieve a 30 minute 5km in. This gives you not only the exercise, but a quantifiable goal.

Half Hour Yoga Session

Yoga is a great workout. Both soothing and toning, Yoga sessions can last for as little as a few minutes or as long as a few hours. It is an ideal exercise for those with a busy lifestyle; taking a little time out of the day to do some yoga will clear and focus the mind and provide a healthy workout. There are a plethora of informative sites and guides online to help you self-teach yourself, or you can search for classes in your area.

Once you have begun down the path of yoga, you can carry a mat and a suitable change of clothes anywhere you go. These items are easy to acquire and not difficult to move from place to place, meaning yoga is a suitable on-the-go solution to fitting in exercise in life.

A Game of Squash

If you have a comrade in arms for exercising, look into playing squash. Squash is a fantastic racquet sport; the high intensity makes for a high number of calories burnt, as well as being incredibly enjoyable. Many universities have accessable squash courts, or if you live in a city with a local leisure centre chain, they often have them too. Equipment is reasonably cheap for beginners, and the rules are simple and easy to learn.


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