The Biggest iPhone Will Have A Monster Battery, According To The Latest Video Leak

The Biggest iPhone Will Have A Monster Battery, According To The Latest Video Leak

Biggest iPhone Will Have A Monster Battery

With the temperature rising in the ongoing ‘Smartphone war’, everyone now wonders what the future of smartphone holds for them. With the entry of new competitors into the market like Micromax, Lava, Karbonn, it’s no more a one sided war for Apple. According to quarterly research there has been falling in market share of Apple users and hence, apple instead competing with its own, is now on a path of revolution to match up the differences and once such difference is the battery life.

Apple has always been negligent towards its battery life, which has always placed its premium model on the back foot. For people say “what good a gadget is, if it can’t even keep up?”  The current iPhone 5s that is fueled by a 1560 mAh battery gives you a talk time of mere 10 hours, while on the other hands Samsung Galaxy Note and LG G3 are equipped with 3220 mAh and 3000 mAh battery respectively. In spite of being in the same segment, such gap between the apple and other models have surely forced consumers to think twice before making a choice. Further, the presence of firms like Micromax and Lava that provide efficient battery life and premium feature at half rate is like a bitter-gourd for apple.  They say “Winners build on mistakes”, for Apple now has stepped into the winds of  revolution trying to bridge the gap with the launch of its new iPhone6 that now powers a 1810 mAh battery, providing an overwhelming 17 hours talk time. Though iPhone 6 still lags behind when compared to Galaxy S5, it’s a good start for the apple to correct the wrongs. The change in Apple’s psychology can be seen for the first time after Steve Jobs, the results of which are increased screen size and battery life. The new CEO now aims in bringing innovation by bringing development at a basic level. An organization that once focused on design and brand value has reached the first milestone in being customer oriented.  If the current trend continues, we may expect to biggest iPhone with a monster battery life, for we all know the potential of the Apple.

To conclude the current customer analysis results show demand for “need for increased battery life” more than any other feature. Currently, Apple is likely to utilize its efficient resources in order to bring out the new changes and Increase its upcoming model’s battery life.

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