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The Growth of the iGaming Industry

The Growth of the iGaming Industry

iGaming, for those who may not be familiar with the term, refers to the very popular modern phenomenon of online casinos. Of course, casino games have been around for centuries, but the internet has brought about a significant boost in their popularity. Nowadays, people can partake in online bingo, poker, slots, sports betting or enter various lotteries on the web. But how did this industry manage to grow so much, and how are the many different brands expanding their player base?

Appealing to a Wider Demographic

Many online gaming brands are getting super savvy and they know exactly how to get their fans on board. Take online bingo platforms, which may choose to focus on specific themes. For instance, bgo have lots of bingo games on offer which appeal to fans of music and popular culture – customers can play games associated with the band Motorhead and guitarist Jimi Hendrix. Other sites instead have opted for games centered around movies, with everything from girly comedies like Bridesmaids to action epics being brought into play. This is yet another way of drawing in a more varied crowd, as there is truly something to suit everyone’s tastes.

Celebrity endorsements are not uncommon and actually help to bring a younger demographic on board. This is another strategy adopted by bgo: their use of actor Verne Troyer as The Boss in their ads and as a brand ambassador has given them a unique twist. Of course, they are not the only ones to use a relationship with a celebrity to appeal to more users. Wink Bingo has previously used Peter Andre, whilst Barbara Windsor is an ambassador for JackpotJoy.

Ease of Use and Accessibility 

In 2016, at least half of web searches were conducted on mobile devices. In fact, according to data from last year, 51% of all web traffic in the USA comes from a mobile device and not a desktop. As these figures have been projected to keep rising, we can only assume that the reality is actually a lot higher. Mobile devices have become an integral part of our daily lives, and so it is increasingly important for businesses to keep up with the demands of their customers.

Of course, the iGaming world has caught on. Many online gambling companies offer not only websites which are optimized for mobile phones, but also apps especially designed for Android and iPhone users. By catering to this huge sector of the online population, iGaming providers can increase their traffic and therefore their revenue. When we are looking specifically at demographics, too, it is important to note that there has been a shift in the typical profile of a gambler. Statistics show that people of all ages now gamble online, and the industry is becoming more accessible to people from all over the world as well, hence why it is great to cater to both desktop users and those on smartphones and tablets.

Moving with the Times

Overall, iGaming companies have successfully demonstrated an ability to move with the times. Those which get the most popularity are utilizing marketing techniques not unfamiliar in any other industry. Plus, not only are they making themselves more visually appealing, they are making themselves as accessible as possible, too. The industry is likely to continue to grow, with forecasts predicting that the US industry is poised to win $7.4 billion annually by 2017. Of course, the major players emerging will be those who are able to keep up!

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