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The Most Important Question In A Job Interview

The Most Important Question In A Job Interview

Most Important Question In A Job Interview

Every person in life wishes to be financially sound to enjoy a wealthier life which happens with job as a base. The interview faced by the candidate for each job he appears is a new experience every time.

But then what is considered to be the most important question in a job interview?

The answer varies from organization to organization and from manager to manager who hires the right candidate, which suits well with their organizational culture and with the job description they are looking for. There are some common questions asked in an interview to assess the candidate’s suitable personality; 5 W’s (What, When, Where, Why, Who). The important ‘W’ among this is “Why”. This question arises in many job interviews.

  • Why do you want to choose this organization for your career?
  • Where would you position yourself after three years, if employed?
  • What are your accomplishments so far?
  • Would you like to work for money or job satisfaction (which probably means career growth)?
  • Given a scenario in business and they would ask for decisions to be taken.
  • Are you a good team player and willing to relocate or travel?
  • Tell me about your strength and weakness. What steps have you taken to correct your weakness?
  • Why should I hire you?

The question of “Why” is raised to assess the thinking ability of the person which should be probably out of the box. Questions of this type would test the decision-making capability in critical situations.

The questions for experienced and fresher’s may vary. Some of the questions for those who have prior job experience may be as follows:

  • Why do you want to switch over to this job?
  • Tell me a situation where your work was criticized?
  • What would be your expectations as an employee from your boss?
  • What learning did you make from your previous job?
  • What was the arduous challenge you have ever faced?
  • What changes would you like to bring into this organization as far seen?
  • What will be your feeling while reporting to your younger person on a higher position?
  • If previous organization staff of yours is working here whom you have a conflict with, will you be able to work as a team with him?

Before applying for any jobs, there must be some ground work done to ensure your performance fitness with the organization.

  • Know about the company well

To know about the company in detail, one can visit the website and know what kind of business they are into and what their business model is.  This kind of insight will help one whether this organization culture suits them or not. Most company website consists of employee’s opinion about their organization. This will help a new candidate to know about the work culture.

  • Read about the job description

When the organization quotes for recruitment of employees, it has a job description with roles and responsibilities of that particular job. Check into the details well and apply for the job. If the requirements and responsibilities of the job do not fit, one will be caught up in an interview.

  • Talk about the results

One has to prove oneself in the interview that they are a good fit for the organization. This can be developed with high confidence level and application of subject knowledge into the day to day life of business scenarios.

The organization always looks for a Right Candidate at Right Place.  Hence, the nature of the interview may differ from one another. So, this does not mean that when a candidate is dropped out of the interview, he is unfit for all jobs. It means that the candidate’s right place is not there. The world is so big to suit jobs for all persons provided; one can sustain in an environment with adaptability and proper skill set.

Keep trying and don’t quit!

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