The Truth About Minimum Wages – Employers Pay Less Than The Workload Given To The Employees Which is Completely Unfair

The Truth About Minimum Wages – Employers Pay Less Than The Workload Given To The Employees Which is Completely Unfair

The Truth About Minimum Wages


Starting a career with a “real job”  and been paid a deserving salary just like many other out there and not a minimum wage still seems a dream. A minimum wage of two seventy bucks that reach the hands even after moving around from one job to another. Part time jobs, food stores everywhere there are just the minimum wage. The reality is that most minimum wage paid kids have something different from the well-paid others. Acceptance is the next phase where almost any others who take up such jobs begin to convince this to be good enough and learn to enjoy the best out of it. Most of them are from high schools and colleges and yet what they seem to have has no role in the mechanical task assigned to them.

Part of the action that is so easily used by every manager at stores is where they offer the most minimum amount possible. A little lesser minimum amount would be a matter that the managers would rejoice. The minimum wage act merely states that probably the least one may consider the work worth for.

People engaged in such jobs have a clear idea about their positions as mere cogs or something which is of much less significance. Such jobs among teens just convey a message that they are merely an ideal object accepting a few terms and conditions and paid for the presence. Looking at employees whine and wail hearing the news about increased wages just proves they don’t find such jobs worth the pay. Maybe deep down they send a clear message that these jobs could probably be complete with a trained creature in hand, not necessarily a human.

Looking at company’s flourish one may feel it is too hard to accept the amount of contraction they show when it comes to paying up a minimum wage to a group of people. They try their best to find the rule that sets the minimum amount and crib all their way while paying the employees.

One may feel working in a job offering a minimum wage as their first experience would help build a healthy job profile. This sometimes leads to denial from companies to pay anything beyond the minimum irrespective of the change in workload. Institutionalized constant turnover seems to be a bigger economic impediment for a firm’s success – including fast-food joints and retail stores. Anyone else insisting on that would mean a bump in the minimum wage that would threaten their survival than the wages paid which hardly looks obvious.

Companies claim to have trained employees, even though they may receive the lowest wages. They show such pride in discussing such aspects in a leadership training program. But then that seems the problem as people often don’t get to see the fact that this is an issue and the people who figure this out would prefer a way out rather than stay.

Paying a minimum wage to someone who might be a bigger asset to the company is just their foolish way of losing away human resource that may be much more worthy. Competing companies seem to take this aspect to their advantage and provide more platforms for a person’s abilities rather than whine about their inability to match up the minimum wage.

Asking one to work for minimum wage when that is not meeting the standards of the society clearly is unfair. It’s ridiculous  asking taxpayers to fill  the gap when employers don’t pay enough for their employees in order to rise above the qualification level. The message here is not about the wage being twenty-five bucks or eighty bucks. It’s about a person’s capacity weighing just as close to the least possible acceptance in the industry around him which does looks messed up.

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