The unbreakable iPhone 6!

The unbreakable iPhone 6!


Amidst a lot of rumors about the new iPhone 6’s new sapphire crystal screen, a YouTube user Marques Brownlee uploaded a video on Monday where he put the screen under extreme test condition with practically no damage at all.

With the device being ‘unbreakable’, it solves the biggest problem of any cellphone user. So if you are to drop your iPhone from the shelf, or if you get drunk and keep hitting the walls or if you are just rough with it in general, the iPhone developers now have just the thing for you.

The glass, as Brownlee shows, is ‘paper thin’ and yet is practically indestructible under normal use. Compared to the older iPhone models in which the screen would shatter completely if smacked on a hard surface, the new sapphire screen is impressive beyond expectation.

Also, as Brownlee shows, there is hardly any distortion in color when looking at the iPhone 6 screen. Thus, the pictures appear crystal clear to the point where you could probably see minute details such as hair stands with perfect clarity.

In the video, Brownlee subjects the screen to several extreme tortures, but the screen every time comes out unscratched as the winner. Right from stabbing and scratching the screen with a knife to mutilating it with a key, to placing it under his shoe and bending it to 90 degrees, there is hardly anything that Brownlee could not come up with and yet the screen not only survives but seems as good as new. Concluding that the only visible marks on the screen where his fingerprint, Brownlee says that the screen is what the developers would make a big deal about.

However, among all the wonders of the new iPhone screen, the only possible disadvantage in the competitive market that one seems to notice is the fact that the glass seen is for a 4.7-inch screen. With big phablet-sized screens as big as 5.5 inches or even 6 inches as the current trend, Apple definitely would need to welcome the idea of a larger screen if it wishes to stay competitive with other smartphone makers.


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