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The World Itinerary – A Quick Round Up On Things Happening Around Us Across The Globe, Welcome 2015

The World Itinerary – A Quick Round Up On Things Happening Around Us Across The Globe, Welcome 2015
The World Itinerary

Image Source: RAGMAG Magazine

The world is roaming about pretty sharp these days and with the dawn of a new week, we are going to see loads of hearty surprises that would probably shake your nerve. It was an interesting week and the latter part was rather filled with a mystic dusk. Moreover, the month is proving to be financially very helpful. Other than the news about the President, rest all’s pretty nice and heartening.

There’s a perpetual sound in the air that the start-up Tesla, the automotive old guard and Samsung might join hands to bring up some interesting in this new age of our modern people. Let’s roll through some of the hot topics that have been dancing since the last week.

As expected, the Iran deal has reached the T-point of deadline. With the last day passed on Monday, there was no hope expected to reach a conclusion. The negotiators had been playing nice and stiff around the corner and now was the time that they’d have probably got out of their couches and done something material. But as the talks break down, anything can be expected from both sides of this enraging topic. Even though negotiators reach some sort of understanding, there’s no hope that they’d resort to finalise the issue.

Air traffic rules are now going to be enhanced and be much more brazen about what they exclaim. The drones would now have to fly within a maximum height of 400ft. They’d only be allowed to do so when moon’s not staring that is in daylight and under the vision of an inspector or controller.

The extravagant automobile company, Tesla has engaged into some informal talks about collaboration for batteries and other parts with the leading giant BMW. The luxury car brand has although not reacted in a bigger way to the statement of Elon Musk, CEO, Tesla. Musk known by his erratic name “disrupter” will surely come out something interesting in the upcoming days.

Samsung, the Korean mobile company who has been facing really disgraceful times is rather thinking of bringing about a change in the CEO’s position. As of now, J.K Shin holds two roles in the MNC and Samsung will probably be getting him off from both posts. The firm has been going down the abyss of degradation in the last few years and a new strategies haven’t worked out well for this historical giant.

Hunger games has got really hungry these days. The latest sequel to its game movie series “Mockingjay-1” has rocked out all records known. The famous game brought home a whopping $124 million in the first week sales, clinching records in the same. The game brings about Jennifer Lawrence-led dystopia which is one of those few enlightening spots of this game. Rather this sequel to the famous game series is acting as another hunger drive for the game. People have been running over stores for this particular backlash game, creating a deep problem for the stores, not financially but in an organisational way.

So, that’s up with today’s gossip. There are probably loads of things that are happening these days. You guys can probably check out some cool or hip jazzy papers in order to discover some serene aspects about what’s rolling these days across the stage. There has been a perpetual smiling reason for everyone because of the oil prices which were relaxed a little bit. Moreover, the economy’s starting to get momentum and is expected to shoot up with great zeal in upcoming month. But actually no one can tell what’s going to come up. You never know what your next moment will be like.

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