Things That Make Good Employees To Go bad

Things That Make Good Employees To Go bad

good employees to go bad

Most of us think that character of a person is stable, and it continues to be the same till the very end. But, according to a research, this is not to be believed for a long time. Yes, your environment and the people you are with decide the character you have. The policies or ethics you follow in your work area also decides the character. Sometimes, even though an individual is good at something but due to lack of support from the high end may end up doing nothing, this is what we observe in many corporate organizations.

We often see CEOs of companies talking about the work culture of their company. Yes, work culture is the first and foremost thing which must be taken into consideration. If anything goes wrong in that culture, everything what an employee makes will lead to unexpected results and may turn things worse many times. So, the environment where you work and the people with whom you work will change your behavior. Surroundings may affect your decision-making to bad or worse, depending on the situation. This was explained by Dr. Muel Kaptein in his book, Behavioral Ethics in Organizations.

So, there are many cultures of similar kind that make even the best employees to take wrong decisions that can in turn to evil results. Some lie with the team, and some lie with the organization itself while creating the policies which needs to be followed without any further modification and here are three cultural problems, making good employees bad in all aspects.

  • More pressure and lack of time:

If someone needs to provide quality work, then should be ample time given to that individual. Sometimes, people work as a team to complete the task. Then, if there is sufficient time provided, then everyone can make a good analysis and complete the work with high quality. Suppose, if employees are under pressure to deliver the work within less time, then this would not allow them to put their maximum efforts efficiently. Every one of the team will be in a hurry, to complete the task, whatever might be the quality. This sometimes makes a real working employee take bad decisions due to less time. And he messes up in deciding what is right and what is wrong.

Some time back, an experiment was conducted with some group of people asking them to walk from one building to the other. Researchers arranged a person and asked him to go in the opposite direction of the people and ask for help. It was seen, if people were given enough time to move from one building to another, they were ready to help that person. Now, they reduced the cut off time to reach the building and now everyone was busy in reaching the destination and about 90% of the people were not caring for the person asking for the help.

This shows that, character of the person keeps on changing with the culture we follow. In this example, time is the culture and the task is to be completed in less time. This made people wrong without concerning about the person asking for help.

  • Employees are not moving with the organization:

Many of the employees work just to fulfill their boss’ interests. They think they are just a little part of the group. They don’t be in a situation to praise others when something good is done by their teammates. In this sort of work culture, even when a small mistake is made by a good employee, it will be treated as a sin. Some people blame others for the mistake done by them, and this leads to a detached interest. There should be a balance maintained between good and evil done.

  • Lack in leadership qualities:

Leader should be the one who shows the way to followers. He/she should be able to distinguish between what is good and what is bad. If we appoint someone as a leader and he/she fails to decide what is right and what is wrong, then that would lead to a bad results. Even then, a good employ in that team will be blamed as bad. So, an organization should focus on the head, and the key formulations projected by him.

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