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Do Not Up talk Or Up Speak If You Are Waiting For Your Promotion!

Do Not Up talk Or Up Speak If You Are Waiting For Your Promotion!

This Communication Quirk Could Cost You A Promotion

A formal set of communication skills usually defines one’s position in superior-subordinate hierarchy and status in the organization. An employee is always under a boss’s observation and knows that his sayings in a meeting with the boss can go a long way up in making him a check mark on their good books with a perception of being a capable, sensible and responsible employee. But this is a very common fact that most employees are way aside from the realization of the idea that whatever they say is of any relevance to boss or not.

For a recent post on the social connection website LinkedIn, Bernard Marr, author and enterprise performance expert wrote that employees who “Up speak” or end their sentences with a higher verbal communication pitch like they are asking a question, usually have a chance of their promotional growth being put to hold for leaving an under-confident impression as an employee in comparison to other employees.

But what exactly is a UPSPEAK or HRT (High Rising Terminal) is a state of speech pattern wherein a person ends his or her conversation with a louder than usual pitch and tone. This is a sort of upward inflection, similar to the way we react when we have a query to ask. This is an imperative signal of the person being doubtful, tentative and weak in communication skills area. The visible effects of up talk are an inferior feeling among peers or an impression among fellow employees that we are somehow seeking for their approval over the matter. Also, Up talk is an annoying habit practiced by most employees across the globe and is found in every third employee of an organization. The intensity of its effects over bosses is purely dependent on an employee’s past work experience and perception of the talk over the current matter of discussion.

While having a conversation, most employees have a tendency to turn a statement of fact look like a pseudo question due to their low voice modulations. This actually sounds as if “We are counter-questioning our own statements and telling our listeners on continuous basis that we are either not sure of what we are saying or are in a state of doubt on oneself”, Marr wrote in public awareness through social media website.

As from a Boss’s point of view whose searching for a confident, uphead and strong leader, this kind of speech patterns is mostly interpreted as a weak or insecure sign in an employee. This fact was recently confirmed and supported by a study conducted by UK-based publishing company Pearson which showed up with the results that majority of bosses believe that uptalk is a major hindrance factor in promotion prospects as well as works negative for an increase in pay grades for their respective organizations.

A key stat database result on the response of 700 male and female bosses was observed and following conclusions were derived:

  • 85% believe that the uptalk is a clear indicator of a person being insecure and emotionally weak.
  • 70% bosses find uptalk as an annoying trait among employees.
  • 57% said yes to the fact that uptalk has the potential to damage an employee’s professional credibility.
  • 44% confirmed that they marked down employees who frequently uptalk.

The above figures have established a story of their own making it clear that upspeak has no place in the formal structure. So the next time you find yourself being taking up a route to loud pitch, just strike a chord with your future promotion goals and quickly resort to ending your communication with confidence and not a question mark.

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