Top 10 Most Profitable Industries of 2014 in the US

Top 10 Most Profitable Industries of 2014 in the US

Most Profitable Industries

By supervising the rapidly flourishing companies, the U.S. Inc. has found itself overflowing with data. On systemizing all the 5,000 companies on this year’s inventory per industry and summing up each company’s 2013 dividend, U. S. Inc. discovered the entire dividend for each sector. The following explain which industries are the top 10 revenue generators according to U. S. Inc. 2014.

  1. Health: At an amount of $21.8 billion, the health industry ranks first according to 2013 revenue. The growth rate being 135 percent for three years, it may not be the most agile in expanding, however it was the largest. The companies ranked at top in health, are:Crescendo Bio-science (San Francisco-based molecular bio-science company)and Plexus Worldwide (Arizona’s weight-loss products direct marketer).
  2. IT Services: All of the IT companies filed in Inc. 5000, earned a total of $19.3 billion in revenue in 2013. The three-year revenue growth rate of the corporation is 122 percent. The first rank was captured by a Dallas based company, CPSG Partners. CPSG Partners administers cloud computing, mobility consultation, customer relationship management and app development. Axtria comes in second position; it is a data analytic company that provides software products to advice decisions in marketing and sales.
  3. Business Products and Services: The business products and services industry had compiled revenue of $18 billion in 2013. The recession period may have caused a set-back in the three-year growth rate of the corporation, which is merely at 93 percent. However, the industry’s top-ranked company earned $85.1 million in 2013 revenue. Reliant Asset Management, ranking number three, intents out modular office buildings, schools and hospitals.
  4. Energy: The energy industry expanded by 168 percent in three years and produced $17.5 billion in compiled revenue in the previous year. Companies including Provider Power, came in sixth on the Inc. 5000, it takes leverage of decontrolled markets in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts and provides electricity to businesses. It made a sum of $138 million last year.Go Energies, in 10th position, made $32.9 million last year. It supplies software and hardware to assist oil jobbers and fuel suppliers to conduct fuel purchasing, site management, and tank sales.
  5. Financial Services: All financial services companies on the Inc. 5000, expanded by 112 percent, with dividends of $17.2 billion in 2013. The top ranking companies in the industry are: Simpler Trading and BlueSquare Resolutions. BlueSquare Resolutionsis a guarded payment processing company that works with virtual portals and payment tokenization to safeguard customer data. The company collected $46.4 million in revenue in the previous year and ranks 19th on list. Simpler Trading, based in Austin, handles a collection of websites that educates users with the means of stocks trading and real estate investing. It ranks 21 in the list and the company’s dividend was increased by 10,523 percent in the past three years, to reach $11.3 million in 2013.
  6. Human Resources: Human Resources manage numerous essential operations for flourishing companies, including recruiting, hiring, and administration. With a three-year dividend growth rate of 112 percent, each HR Company together reeled in $12.3 billion last year. Ataraxis, ranking number 112, manages administrative tasks for its employer clients containing employee benefits and payroll. Ataraxis collected $40.8 million in 2013. Job search engineJobs2Careers, ranking second amid the Inc. 5000 human resources firms, reeled in $22.4 million in dividend in 2013.
  7. Logistics and Transportation: The logistics and transportation corporation made a unified $11.1 billion in 2013. The top ranking company is Rochelle Park, which is in position 118 on the Inc. 5000,made $318.8 million last year. The company executes audits, analysis and negotiations to reclaim assets and assist clients in saving money via Audit’s cloud-based software. Legion Logistics, at number 156, is a third-party logistics association that moves consignments. The company expanded its dividend by 2,545 percent in three years to $15.1 million in 2013.
  8. Consumer Products and Services: Consumer products and services is the most rapidly increasing industry on theInc. 5000. Fuhu, which held first place, had a 158,957 percent three-year growth rate and $195.6 million in sales in the year 2013. Minute Key, ranking number 11 and second in the corporation’s category, performs self-service, computerized key duplication booths situated in broad chain retailers. The kiosks imported in $15.8 million last year.
  9. Construction: Construction managed to expand 88 percent in the past three years, despite recession, and reeled in $10.3 billion. The highest ranking company in the corporation’s category is MaxHome which practices in home re-modelling. MaxHome increased its dividend by 5,439 percent in three years to $5.8 million in 2013. Not lagging behind by much, is Old Pro Roofing, a residential and commercial roofing company that currently holds a rank of 78 on the Inc. 5000 and has managed to earn $4.9 million in dividend last year.
  10. Telecommunications: All the telecom corporations compiled $9.4 billion in dividend. The industries’ top company,Acacia Communications of Maynard, Massachusetts, rests firmly at number 5 on the Inc. 5000. It has a three-year growth rate of 20,690 percent. Acacia builds intelligent subsystems for fibre-optic transmission, collecting $77.7 million in 2013 dividend. PEG Bandwidth, which is placed at 98 on the complete list, supplies wireless infrastructure assistance for the wireless corporation. The Colony, a Texas-based company compiled $32.9 million in the previous year.
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