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Top 5 tips for marketers to deal with the influx of data now available

Top 5 tips for marketers to deal with the influx of data now available


As a marketer, creating reports and updates that are directed to coworkers and company executives – in an attempt to let them know the status in your campaign- are fundamental.The bad news is sad spreadsheets and columns filled with numbers that are difficult to digest are not the best way to tell your story. Dealing with an influx of data is hard; especially now that advanced technology is helping us segment lists, gather visitors, and compel people to like and share your pages and website.

Beautiful, immerse data visualizations is not an easy task to do. Thankfully we have an influx of new tools we can use to make the most of our data, and help our marketing campaigns thrive.

  1. Choose the right visualization

No matter the type of project you have or outcome you expect, choosing the right visualization is key. Presentations play a fundamental role in digital marketing. For your audience to listen to what you have to say, the people attending should have been invited following a thorough analysis of your data. Data visualizations mean the world in marketing. But if your reports are not done right, your business will suffer. Keep in mind that it’s very important to understand the type of information you want to convey.The best strategy is to use charts when holding presentations in front of your audience and clients.

  1. Don’t misrepresent the data

When you have a lot of data to organize, you have to find a way to share it without misleading the audience. A very responsible HR team will help keep things organized. SEO specialists can also help you understand metrics and analytics. Keep in mind that people listening to you will also want to know why and how you’ve gathered the data. It all depends on the purpose you have for it.

In the digital marketing world, the main purpose is to use data to gather feedback. For example, if your company sells wedding dresses, your aim should be to gather as much information as possible on the models that women love the most. Make sure to stay focused by targeting the right audience. Men won’t have the slightest interest in buying wedding dresses.


  1. Learn to build an efficient database

Keeping things as simple as possible when building a database may seem like an old principle. But it works. Falling in love with complex databases is very easy. But if you’re new to the marketing environment, you should start small.

Large, complex databases are time consuming, meaning that you may miss important deadline and opportunities. The simpler the database, the better chances you have to implement it successfully. Settle on realistic timeline expectations, and keep in mind that it can take from 10 to 12 weeks to build an efficient one. If you choose to work with a database design, try to preserve your skepticism. It’s very important to make sure that there’s a proven demand for data that’s about to go into a database.

  1. Settle on a budget

Now that your expectations have been properly defined, it’s time to craft a budget. In the beginning, you should settle on some priorities for your database. Why do you need it, and what do you plan to do with it? Then, you need to incorporate a number of prospects/customers into the database. Both the goals and requirements should make sense to the vendor – basically, you have to have some expectations once the database has been completed.

  1. Set measurable objectives

Every company sees a marketing database as an opportunity to learn more about their customers and outline their marketing campaigns and programs. The main goals should be to increase sales and keep costs to a minimum. When attempting to define measurements for your database, you have to focus on several key areas: reducing costs, segmenting lists, and settling on marketing strategies that are customer defined.

A properly laid-out marketing database allows you to assess the response history of prospects and customers, as well as determine new promotional patterns. As long as you have a website that’s well-designed and optimized, you shouldn’t worry. A website design London is just as important as your database, and the more dedicated you are the more chances you have to set yourself apart from the competition.


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