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Top LMS Integrations You Need to Improve elearning

Top LMS Integrations You Need to Improve elearning

If an organization is using a good learning management system (LMS), it should not be isolated. Depending on the type of organization using an LMS, this tool can deliver the best performance if it is integrated with the applications relevant to that business. There are a lot of benefits that an LMS integration can provide. Having to work with some system solutions which employees or members already know how to use can improve user adoption.

By including integrations, you can also greatly improve the user experience. Different systems that have the ability to communicate automatically reduces quite a few of the manual work users and administrators have to do.

Yet another major benefit of LMS integrations is that they increase the depth of all reports that can be delivered. The larger your overall integrations are, the easier it gets for all individuals, departments and teams in your organization to work towards achieving the same goals.

In simple words, LMS integrations are important as it helps to achieve better results.

Since ProProfs cloud LMS is among the world’s leading e-learning solutions suppliers and the most comprehensive applications for web-based training, hence we will discuss some of the LMS integrations it supports. This will surely help you improve your eLearning experience and take it to the next level.

WordPress integration

How it integrates with ProProfs

There are a lot of online tools that ProProfs LMS supports for the purpose of turning a WordPress website into a comprehensive, all round eLearning platform. It allows you to assign quizzes, courses and other learning assignments to all users with just a click, as well as access detailed reports directly from your WordPress account.

You can easily set up courses to sell online and sync all of your WordPress data

Benefits of integrating with ProProfs LMS

With this integration, you can easily assign all training courses from the WordPress dashboard. Additionally, all of the embedded courses on your site can be automatically assigned to new website subscribers. It provides you with a secure payment gateway for online payments on your WordPress site.

ProProfs LMS instantly imports information about new WordPress users and helps save you a lot of time. The ProProfs LMS integration has a “Single Sign On” feature that allows you to access and manage all learning courses through the WordPress dashboard.

Salesforce integration

How it integrates with ProProfs

Salesforce which is considered as one of the best CRM platforms that can be integrated with the ProProfs training maker. With the integration, you can manage all training activities on ProProfs LMS through your Salesforce account.

Benefits of integrating with ProProfs

With the ProProfs training maker integration, you can create new web-based Learning courses through the ProProfs dashboard. Moreover, you can track learning results and analyze training needs, while being able to share reports and consult with managers easily.

The single sign-on feature is also available for Sales force integration. Just enter your credentials to gain access to all the data you have in Sales force. All of the reports in Sales force are then synced with ProProfs LMS.

Sugar CRM integration

How it integrates with ProProfs

The integration of ProProfs LMS with Sugar CRM provides a seamless user experience, given the fact that neither students nor instructors are required to switch platforms. Nobody has to leave the CRM to learn or manage the learning process.

Benefits of integrating with ProProfs

Similar to other CRM integrations, you will also be able to track analytics and reports directly from SugarCRM. All of the data you have in SugarCRM can be imported directly into ProProfs LMS, which allows trainers to easily assign tests and training courses to learners without having to fetch data.

The ProProfs LMS also provides you with a single sign-on integration for SugarCRM. This makes it easier to track, assign courses and share learner details without any IT help required.

MailChimp integration

How it integrates with ProProfs

This integration will allow you to instantly import all the new subscribers on MailChimp to your ProProfs LMS and assign them courses and add user details automatically.

Benefits of integrating with ProProfs

With this integration, you can send personalized emails to all the learners instantly. When you get new learners on your LMS, this integration immediately adds those people to your MailChimp email list. This means that you will create your email marketing list on MailChimp without much effort.

All new subscribers to your MailChimp account get automatically assigned courses with ProProfs LMS. Additionally, if you have separate campaigns you can assign specific courses based on them so that users get courses in accordance to their subscription.

All of these actions are quite simple and streamlined since this integration also features a single sign-on option.

Constant contact integration

How it integrates with ProProfs

The ProProfs training maker can be integrated seamlessly with Constant Contact, allowing courses to be assigned automatically to all subscribers on this platform and add new email leads by transferring all the details of LMS users to Constant Contact.

Benefits of integrating with ProProfs

This integration allows you to send emails to all your ProProfs learners. With all the details imported, you can easily send targeted emails for your marketing campaign. All the users of your ProProfs LMS and their details are easily added to the Constant Contact mailing list.

Moreover, all of the courses can be managed and assigned to all of your Constant Contact subscribers. With the single sign-on feature, all of these actions are performed smoothly.

TribeHR integration

How it integrates with ProProfs

SinceProProfs LMS is a unified eLearning platform, hence it complements the Tribe HR suite perfectly. This integration allows hiring managers, supervisors and trainers to better analyze candidates, identify the skills they need and perform detailed employee reviews.

Benefits of integrating with ProProfs

When looking for a new person from your TribeHR description page for a certain role, you will be given the option of attaching some tests to that page. The moment a person applies for a job, he or she will receive a test which they need to complete for assessment purpose.

Additionally, all of the information about potential candidates from ProProfs are displayed in your TribeHR and managers won’t have to leave to see all the vital information about a potential hire. Furthermore, all the results of ProProfs training of your existing employees can be accurately measured through TribeHR and you will be able to determine how skilled your employees are.



To sum it up, having an effective LMS is a good thing, but opting for an efficient LMS that is capable of integrating with other tools is equally important.

Does your LMS support integrations with other tools? Please share your opinion in the comments below.

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