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Tourism Industry Is Globally The Biggest Industry! Travel And Hospitality Trends For 2015

Tourism Industry Is Globally The Biggest Industry! Travel And Hospitality Trends For 2015
Travel And Hospitality  Trends For 2015

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There was an epoch when only the most opulent of the people had the opportunity for luxurious adventures. Those days, as a pleasant change, are things of a distant past. The change has been a direct result of the developmental process and technological revolution, which has given the consumers access to travel at much lower airfares. The booking process has also simplified with the Internet revolution at its peak. The competition has ensured that an individual is getting the services at the best possible rate.

The competition has created a positive mood in the market, and the leading travelling services are trying hard to optimize the travel ventures of their customers. Many attractive schemes are available now to benefit customers, and thereby ensuring a permanent spot in the market. The businesses are improving services to establish trust, which has become the driving force behind any success story. Following points go on to put the above norms more clearly in factual terms:

Demand has surged, and supply followed

Tourism industry is considered as one of the biggest industries on the global scale by contributing around one-tenth of total GDP. To put that in perspective, one person out of ten is associated with this industry. The industry has expanded its horizon and from here onwards, it will keep on expanding. Tourism industry promises to recruit 75 million new people over the period of next ten years. This figure is expected because middle-class population is continuously increasing. The number of tourists has doubled itself over the past two decades, and a similar trend should appear in the next two.

Changes in customer behaviour patterns

Recent changes and advancements have brought a revolution in the industry. The middle class is growing in stature in the Asian region. This generation is bound to earn more and more over the next decade, which will automatically see them spending a large portion of their money on travelling expeditions. The money, quite rightly, will switch hands, and the business will prosper. The companies are coming up with better ways to meet the high rate of increase in demand by providing facilities, which keep in mind all the expectations of the consumer.

The mobile travelling facilities have provided a great medium where customers interact by virtue of digital tools and do critical analysis of the services. This tightens the link of trust between the two sides. Companies learn from this too, and that helps them to create services that could further boost the experience of the traveller. This way repeat value would be ensured, and the tourism industry will improve as travellers spend more time and money.

Hotels going Public

Private equity players enjoy power when it comes to driving the hotel IPOs in United States. The revenue has only increased over the years steadily. This has instilled confidence in the investors, and they are more willing to invest, as a bright and dynamic future seems to be in store for us. This growing trend has attracted other parties, and they too are throwing their resources in this sector. The good news keeps coming from all directions.

The moment is certainly very ripe to be in an industry like tourism while we see the wonders of the new millennium. The economic changes are bringing people closer, and they are willing to travel more and more. Every part of the globe has something or other that is unique to itself, and curious minds are getting attracted to it. The next ten years seem promising. It is no wonder that the tourist agencies are putting all their efforts to lead us to perfect destinations.

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