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Look What UBS Discovered: Five Million Extra iPhones

Look What UBS Discovered: Five Million Extra iPhones
Look What UBS discovered: Five Million Extra iPhones

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UBS, which was earlier known as Union Bank of Switzerland, is known for managing the wealth and looking after the private firms and assets. Now, the recent discovery they have made in nothing less than a shocker.

The iPhone sales for Apple have always been recording breaking, and it was nothing less than that the past Christmas. The sales went high, and again a yardstick was set by this company that never ceases to amaze people.

Now, how Apple does it every Christmas and in the final quarter was a question we all were hoping to answer. The answer came in with the report published by UBS. UBS’s reporter Steven Milonuvich has now raised his prediction of the iPhone sale from 43 million to 48 million. The reason he did this was the consensus found in their organisation. The collection of data on the sales that Apple does every year comes from monitoring around 20 countries. He has said this because the consensus that has come in for the company is great, and the sales of the iPhones and even the Google searches have increased rapidly and at a pace that no one imagined.

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UBS has made its report on the sales made by Apple, and the company had sold around 69.3 million iPhones. This statistic is less than what was earlier predicted by the UBS, which was around 70.9 million items but nonetheless, the amount they sold is actually great and they have been able to remain at the top not without any reason. The company and its iPhone sales are just the examples of how far a country can get in its record sales if they want to.

Now, the Wall Street had expected Apple to sell around 65.5 million units only. This is where in the whole case of Apple finding 5 million phones comes in. The sales of the company rocketed, and it went onboard with huge number of units out there. What was the main reason for this huge jump in the sales of the company? The reason as cited by UBS is China.

The report shows that China has seen a recent demand for iPhones especially the last Christmas. The demands grew, and they have constituted around 35% of the shipments and profits that the company made compared to the earlier record of 22%.

This recent change and demand in China for phones can make it the biggest market for the sales of the iPhones and if this continues to grow, there is no reason the sales would come down anytime soon. They will keep soaring to new heights.

USB also reported that the sales figure of iPhones in the US has gone down. Earlier, the US was the largest shipping ground for the company and the major revenue came from this country only. But with the changing times and the radical shift in the recent year’s sales, everything has become unpredictable. The sales in US were 24% in the last quarter of 2014 compared to the higher percentage of 29% in the quarter that came before this year.

With the iPhone 6 plus soon to hit the market and make waves and huge profits, a lot of id being expected from China. As the sales had just shot up last Christmas, it might be even better this spring. The Chinese finally get the hang of the iPhone handsets and it sales go up, Apple can see some major revenue.

The company has been a constant best selling company when it comes to phones, laptops or any other gadget that helps you get through the monotonous life. Though the prices are higher than the other companies but the standard and the quality that Apple offers is unmatchable and not yet delivered by any other company.

With Apple coming out with the even better versions of their phones, the latest one being the iPhone 6; it becomes fairly evident that they will rule the market when it comes to handsets. Steve Jobs took the company to the great heights and made apple a familiar phone in almost household with the rich having it and the middle-class people working for it. Having an iPhone is not about just owning a phone today but it is much more than that. The people who work keep an iPhone with them so that their personalities and standards can be seen.

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Apple is ready to launch the next version of their iPhone series which is the iPhone plus. The specifications are even better, and the only one company that makes uber stylish and lightweight phones is the Apple. The iPhones always have the best of everything and their performance is always top notch when compared to other companies and their phones.

Iphones have seen a spike in their sale because they are the best.

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