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Visual Literacy and Visual Communication: Their Importance in Today’s Content Marketing

Visual Literacy and Visual Communication: Their Importance in Today’s Content Marketing

Visual Literacy and Visual Communication: Their importance in Today’s Content Marketing

In this article, we will provide intriguing insights about the concepts of visual literacy and visual communication and their roles in content marketing. Since the visual communication is all around us. It has become an inescapable part in our day to day lives. It is playing a prominent role starting from billboard ads and posters to films, and media. It is a very important concept to understand the importance of visual literacy in this digital age of visual communication.

What is Visual Literacy?

Essentially, a visual literacy is all about a famous quote “A picture is worth a thousand words.” You get an advantage in your life if you try learning to read those pictures.

As infants, we have learned to read the images months before we have become verbal and years before we try to become proficient in written language. From a young age, a great deal of educational focus is placed on teaching kids how to identify and read words and understand their meanings. In order to achieve the same, we have to become literate in visual language and communicate successfully in our increasingly image-saturated culture.

Basically, visual literacy is an important skill to recognize and understand ideas communicated or conveyed through visible images or visible actions. From an educational institution’s point of view, visual literacy is all about to see, understand, and communicate visually. With great curiosity and analytical skills, the learner has to scrutinize the visual creation carefully and also understand the importance of the creation from makers’ point of view.

Visual literacy is all about learning and understanding a given piece of information. It is a process of learning about the hidden meaning of visual creation that generates interest, passion, and curiosity over something. Visual literacy is all about knowing the hidden message behind the visual creation. Visual literacy is about the understanding of what is not written, but what is presented using signs, icons, and colors.

The Importance of Visual Literacy

Visual literacy, also known as visual skill, is the base of learning. Kids read pictures before they get a master in verbal skills. It allows individuals to interpret visual media as they come into contact with them. In today’s visual Internet, visual literacy has become a necessary ability to decode what is shared online and shared in any other form of visual art. For instance, you know about roads and safety signs. When you try to learn to drive, you are requested to follow a set of local road signs and safety booklets to remember and memorize by heart. After having an understanding of these basic signs only do these signs guide you greatly while driving to another place, city or country. However, the road and safety signs vary in presentation but it serves the same purpose. As long as you understand road and safety signs, you will never get lost or end up in some mishap.

Visual literacy helps consumers in their buying decisions. It always provides a better understanding of how to be skeptical when advocating product brands and what kind of emotions are being expressed  by a piece of visual ad, kind of awareness  that consumers may have can be designed very carefully.

What is Visual Communication?

Visual communication is the use of any image that communicates a message or conveys an idea to its intended recipient effectively. It can be a poster, a video, or a drawing, an advertisement or any visual media  output which can be found online and across various social media platforms. Essentially, visual images include photo posts, charts, and info-graphs and any other piece of information that uses signs and symbols to deliver a message. The Internet is occupied with visual content. From advertisements to personal stories, everything is outlined with the use of visual art and media. Let us understand the importance of visual communication in content marketing.

Visual communication is a vital component in content marketing. Every digital marketing practitioner understands the value of conveying the right message to the consumers. It is a powerful tool that has been widely accepted and recognized to help increase brand awareness. It has also become an effective practice in driving web traffic to a particular product of a company.

The concept of visual communication of an idea is a specific skill set that is in huge demand for both B2C and B2B digital marketers. In the report, State of Content Marketing, 2015,  most of the companies and marketers are ready to implement visual communication strategies effectively.

Visual communication is the most preferred medium for delivering information because of its convenience and brevity. It is advised to adopt this strategy to attract and engage the customers.

The 10 commandments of visual communication in content marketing


In this fast-paced digital age, you need to put in extra efforts in your visual content marketing if you want to stand out above the line. Visual communication is no longer about images, signs, and symbols. Now, it has become the fastest method to deliver crucial information.

You can use visual content to inspire and make your consumers realize the use of your product. You can also use visual content to tell fascinating stories about your brand and product, and share experiences with your consumers. There are undeniable benefits to increase your visual content to improve your visibility online. So you need to learn and implement  the visual communication techniques to the advantage of your company and its brands.



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