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Ways to say – “Its not my job”

Ways to say – “Its not my job”
Its not my job

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Saying “it’s not my job” has the risk of getting you terminated or sacked from the job. So it is important to say the same in a polite manner. It does the trick without sounding offensive.  Being assigned some work that is not your responsibility is the most frustrating task of all. It can also put you at risk of sounding like a mediocre worker. Also, if you develop the habit of doing the work which is not assigned to you it ruins your mental processes and irritates you to no extent. Let alone wasting your precious time at work. Thus, it is highly important to learn the art of saying ‘no’ at certain point of time in your life.

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Also if you take on other’s work without saying no to it, you would never come out of your comfort zone to really do what you have never done and thus will not be able to achieve long term success, say experts. Your effective goals for your career will vanish leaving behind a series of odd jobs that are for you to merely ‘perform’ and not ‘accomplish’. The most important thing one needs to have about one’s job is that he or she needs to love what they are doing instead of merely slogging on the tasks assigned. If there is love involved, the mind functions better, faster and more efficiently leading you towards success in terms of material gains like promotions and emotional satisfaction like appreciation of the work you have completed.

How to deal with your co-workers

In the situation of task that is not assigned to you, you might hesitate informing your seniors about it. It is because you might risk losing the favor of your bosses at work. But you must keep in mind that most job descriptions do not describe in detail the job profile of a worker and thus most people end up doing the work they shouldn’t be doing or which doesn’t match their job profile. Therefore, one must insist on sticking to their part of the job without spilling over others’ tasks. There are times when it becomes vital to state that it is not your job or responsibility to do a certain task or carry out a certain operation. If you simply state that “it is not my job!” you run the risk of sounding rude, being perceived as an uncooperative co-worker or extremely rigid about the work you do. Thus, the right procedure is to assertively explain the reason of your refusal. For instance, you can simply state that you are focusing on some other important work at the moment, or say that you are already overworked and have certain deadlines to meet. Or you can simply assist the person who is trying to delegate the work with your suggestions so that he or she may eventually end up doing it on their own. The other options are stating clearly that you are not the person responsible and naming the person who can actually help the one in need in the right direction. This will serve two purposes, firstly, it will hint that you are not to be bothered with extra work on your desk and secondly, the confused person shall gain some sense of direction wherein he or she gets real help and constructive solutions for their problems.

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How to deal with your boss on the issue

These were the scenarios of dealing with extra work given to you by your co-workers but if it’s given to you by your boss, the situation completely changes in nature. If your boss is assigning certain responsibilities that are bigger than you can take on then, you could probably say that you have work already assigned to you along with its deadlines and that it is more important for you to complete what you have already started at hand before taking up new projects and roles. If the work assigned is out of your field then you can clearly state that you are not comfortable with the new field given to you or that you are not interested much in it. Also it is possible to address the delegation of work by your co-workers to your boss in a decent manner in order to not turn up in their bad books. You could state that there are a lot of people in the organization who need help with a particular project or assignment and that you really do not have the required time or means to be of any help to them. This would not only clear your position in front of your boss but also let him confront his team on the issue of delegation of work. He or she might also be able to help the team better by providing the necessary resources for the completion of the work. Thus, you can follow these simple steps to avoid being overworked.

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