A weak managers’ rants

A weak managers’ rants
Weak managers' rant

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All of us prefer to focus on the aspects that add to the overall personality of a Manager, but the choice of ignoring the facts that enfeeble a manager’s position is simply insinuated.

One of the misconceptions associated with the qualities of a manager are his speaking abilities, how firmly or rather sternly he can put forward his views is commonly seen as the parameter of his ability to control the group. However, the fact does not hold true for all cases. Managers are given seamless power but with the power come responsibilities that beseech a responsible comportment as well. Making wanton use of the power just because you own it stultifies the title of Manager.

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A manager should be infallible enough to trust the people who are working for him. Imbibing them with fear is certainly not the brightest option you should go for.

Wondering how to know if you are unknowingly heading to become a rotten egg of the basket or if you’re the one tread beneath the wrath of Mr. or Ms. Fearful? Read these five common things that come only from the weak managers:

  • I am least interested in knowing how the work will be done, all I want is the work done! 

These are the exact words showered upon you when you leader freaks out about work pressure or deadline. This is probably the last thing you would expect to listen from the manager because it is unofficially saying  “ Screw you, I am not the one to whom you can look up for help. Just do it and get rid of me”.

That is exactly not what a strong leader should or would do. Bludgeoning people with sentences like that is tantamount to threatening them with a loss of job or points.

Pick up the ‘NO’ card for people who choose not to respect your position at your workplace and simply move out. You are not a pack of scum to be shouted at, and you deserve better!

  • I am not here to amend or make policies, follow them up the way they are

Now that’s what you’ll simply not expect from a person who is supposed to lead you. Logically, a manager fails to work with the rules, what meaning is left with his title? Undoubtedly, rules are set to be followed but as per convenience and requirements they need to amend as well. And the Manager is not supposed to be clueless about why the rules are needed after all and ask his people to follow them blindly.

When you hold a position so important, you must own the reckless temerity to put forward your point and just not buttress the higher authorities with whatever nonsense they say. Use your righteousness.

And in case you cannot simply give up your title and choose a more suitable title to eulogize your powers.

  • You are not here to think or innovate, simply do!

Now hey, is that not saying no to your basic sense. And pat your back whenever you get to listen to anything of this sort from your manager. It simply means your ideas are emphatic enough to threaten his position and question his skills. It also points out how precarious his state of mind is.

If you get stuck in a likewise situation, type the “I free you from the insecurity” letter to your manager and bid him adieu.

It is completely safe to feel sorry for his morbid thoughts once you are out.

  • Oh well, that’s a personal problem, and it’s up to you how you deal with it!

And with that he shows how callous a person can be. Work and personal life need to be separate. But the person working for you is a human after all. What is he supposed to do to his moral obligations towards kids, parents and society, dump off into a pit?

Set your priorities right. If your boss is too professional to give a darn to your issues, be free enough to reciprocate him the very same way. Save your diligence to work for a person who truly is a leader and not a sycophant.

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  • If you’re too occupied to take the task, I’ll make sure somebody else does

And what was that? A threat? And who am I, a nursery kid who is supposed to feel the menace of your words? Excuse me. Uttering these words, the manager has already helped you enough. Simply choose to recede away to a boss who understands your worth and treats you the way you deserve to be treated.

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